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Take the children to travel — Shanxi treasure houses "canal courtyard" – Sohu to bring children to the tourism tourism — Shanxi treasure houses "drainage courtyard" in China residence, Shanxi residence and dwelling South Anhui Province has always been famous, "North Shanxi, South Anhui". In ancient times, merchants traveling and experiencing a hard earned a bowl full of gold and silver, will return to his hometown, rich magnificent houses in Shanxi be busy at putting up installations; it passed down. The Wangs Courtyard is a master of traditional dwellings, by Wang Taiyuan, Lingshi County, one of the descendants of the history of the four families – Jing Sheng Wang Yu Qing emperor Kangxi, Yong Zheng, Qian Long and Jiaqing has built. Cao courtyard is also called "Sanduo", a house of Shanxi wealthy Cao family courtyard, covers an area of 10600 square meters, the overall layout of a "life". Antique style of house building, the North South accommodation, unique structure, majestic tall, called "wonderful Chinese houses". The hospital also contains many cultural relics, was opened to the museum. Drainage courtyard, built in the Qing Dynasty, when the owner has 40 courtyards in the county, known as the "half city canal". The whole courtyard magnificent and solemn, majestic tall, weather Senran, national rare five – hall hospital. The whole courtyard, look for the castle pattern, forduo Kou – style parapet, in the 8 compound, 19 four houses, 240 houses, covers an area of 5317 square meters. The courtyard between the arch and the hall is formed Yuantao hospital, door door even beautiful pattern. The archway towering spectacular, court vision Linglong fine, a hall, Academy between archway apart, structured, lively and interesting. Wood, stone, brick pitching shows a wide range of subjects, meaning harmony, excellent blade is located in the county, the transportation is convenient, from the city of Jinzhong, travel to Qixian, arrived in Qixian, can walk directly to the scenic area. Tickets are 40 yuan, 5 km away from the Grand Courtyard, together with the tour. Scenic spots: historic building tickets: 40 yuan opening hours: 08:00~18:00相关的主题文章:

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