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By , April 15, 2018 8:06 am

Taiwan tourism related industries damaged the interests of the Taiwan Affairs Office stressed that "Dog that fetches will carry." – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing September 14th (Zhang Xiaoxi Lu Mei) Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council spokesman Ma Xiaoguang 14, said in Beijing reply to reporters, causing the crux of Taiwan tourism industry interests is very clear, solution maker people. The Taiwan Affairs Office held a regular press conference on the same day. A number of reporters around the recent decline in the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan, Taiwan tourism industry held a parade and other hot event questions. Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that, as everyone knows, in the past few years, the mainland residents to Taiwan tourism has shown good momentum of development. Since May this year, the Taiwan authorities have refused to recognize the "92 consensus", resulting in the hard won situation of peaceful development of cross-strait damage, the impact is multifaceted. "The recent period of time of mainland residents to Taiwan tourism decline is one reflection." Ma Xiaoguang said that the Taiwan Affairs Office of Taiwan to go on the streets before the date of the tourism industry, to express their feelings and desires clearly. Taiwan tourism industry damaged the interests of the crux of the problem, everyone is very clear, Dog that fetches will carry. As for the industry association of Taiwan to the mainland to promote tourism to Taiwan, Ma Xiaoguang bluntly, by the so-called "marketing" can not solve the fundamental problem. A reporter asked, Liaoning tour serious fire incident follow-up compensation issues, Ma Xiaoguang responded, in Taiwan, the authorities announced the "7? Survey 19" after the incident, the first time to declare the Taiwan Affairs Office of the state council. This is obviously a vicious criminal cases with outrageous; some words and deeds this vicious criminal cases and over a period of time the emergence of hurting the feelings of compatriots on both sides, the serious influence to the mainland residents to travel. Ma Xiaoguang said that the next step will continue to urge the parties concerned to do a good job in Taiwan, the families of the victims of the claims, and to help deal with other follow-up related matters. Another Taiwan reporter asked, it is understood that the recent Taiwan blue camp ruling county mayor to visit Beijing, hoping to let visitors to Lu Fang agree with the "92 consensus" of the county city tour, ask the Taiwan Affairs Office for comment? Ma Xiaoguang said, do not grasp the specific circumstances. But he pointed out that the mainland’s attitude and proposition is consistent, as long as the nature of cross-strait relations and the nature of cross-strait exchanges in the city have a correct understanding of the communication between cities and counties can be carried out smoothly. (end)相关的主题文章:

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