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By , April 15, 2018 12:24 pm

Taiwan: Taiwan and Tuvalu with scholars to join the United Nations – Sohu military channel map of Taiwan scholar Wang Yingxun. The Rio Olympics, by the delegation of Taiwan to "Chinese Taipei" competition, many Taiwanese feel again by "dwarf". Taiwan folk in the name of Taiwan to participate in the Olympic Games, to join the United Nations renewed calls, and even private groups went to the United States to promote Taiwan into the union "". The Ministry of foreign affairs in Taiwan repeatedly "admission" to move to a position that any challenge Chinese principle, to create "two China" and "Taiwan" of the plot will not succeed. Taiwan how to "joining" brains, many scholars also have some suggestions in Taiwan, associate professor at University of the Arts in Taipei Wang Yingxun brain hole wide open, said why not find a "merger" or backdoor listing "allies to join the United Nations, to participate in the Olympic Games, such as tuvalu. Tuvalu is how a country? It is understood that Tuwalu (Tuvalu) is located in the South Pacific, consisting of 9 ring Coral Island group, the land area of about 26 square kilometers, is the world’s only second Nauru Island, is the world’s area of fourth small countries (Monaco and Nauru, only higher than the Vatican). Tuvalu, the highest elevation of 4.5 meters. Because of the low altitude, rising temperatures and sea levels is a serious threat to the danger of Tuvalu, land sank in the country, from lack of resources, the land is barren, only a few plants can grow, almost no natural resources, is published by the United Nations in the world of the least developed countries (one of the most underdeveloped countries). Recently, Taiwan scholar Wang Yingxun in the "World magazine" published an article that, like Taiwan’s long-term "allies" population of Tuvalu, although only about 12000 people, economic activity is quite limited, a member of the United Nations is hundred-percent. More importantly, the political position of Tuvalu long-term anti communism, Taiwan is also quite friendly, Taiwan 88 typhoon, even to Taiwan equivalent to the country’s GDP1% $210 thousand in relief. Wang Yingxun suggested, if combined with the composition of the Taiwan and Tuvalu, and Tuvalu Republic, automatic also participated in the UN, and if you want to merge with Taiwan Tuvalu, naturally not consent, consent, there is no so-called, veto issue. If willing to equal the acceptance of Taiwan Tuvalu this "the orphan of Asia", Taiwan can also help solve the problem of Tuluwa flooding, agricultural development, to achieve a win-win situation. Wang Yingxun, the highest elevation of Tuvalu is only 4 meters, is one of the world’s most affected by global warming sea-level rise threat to the state, when unfortunately drowned, Taiwan can become a refuge in the people of tuvalu. In addition, Tuvalu main ethnic groups for Polynesian family, and the Aboriginal people in Taiwan belong to the Austronesian, according to a study by the Oakland University in New Zealand, Polynesian ancestors had come from Taiwan, and with Taiwan aborigines, and if Taiwan became a pro, but also just returned. But even in the Internet era, Tuvalu domain country code ".Tv", Taiwan is ".Tw", similar to this amazing, and it is just a coincidence? Wang Ying.相关的主题文章:

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