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By , April 15, 2018 12:24 pm

Taiwan media: James Soong went to APEC to break the deadlock in trial, Cai – Sohu military channel information: on September 15, 2005, James Soong spoke in the Taiwan tea party. Reference News Network reported on October 9th: Taiwan media said, PFP chairman James Soong as the 2016 APEC meeting (APEC) Taiwan envoy, and is scheduled to attend the Chinese leader Xi Jinping will be how to interact, attention. James Soong said on the 6, the two sides should meet in what way, it’s too early, but has been through the pipeline links with the mainland. According to the Taiwan free times reported on October 7th, James Soong said he did not rule out the opportunity to exchange views with the mainland APEC meeting. Reported that the outside world questioned whether James Soong will meet with Xi Jinping, and at the APEC meeting to mention the 92 consensus, a table". In this regard, he said that on behalf of the leaders of the Taiwan region, the cross-strait issue, "I also know that some of the". According to Cai Yingwen in an American "Wall Street journal" interview "mentioned in the cross-strait relations will not yield under pressure" argument, the mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman said on the 6 mountain, no power, no one do not underestimate the determination, more than 1 billion 300 million public opinion, and reiterated the "92 consensus". According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on October 7th, the PFP chairman James Soong 7 for attending the APEC meeting said that he is not special envoy of cross-strait talks, has not been authorized, and talk about both sides of the future, but if the authorized will not evade responsibility, adhere to the Taiwan authorities in accordance with the laws and regulations of Taiwan are absolutely. Reported that James Soong said he was on behalf of the leaders of the Taiwan region to participate in the APEC meeting, if he is authorized, he will not shirk responsibility. In addition, some people think that orange green, fear will affect the attitude of the land, James Soong said, for Taiwan identity, he has not been taboo along the way. According to "Taiwan times" reported on October 8th China, "ten" on the eve of his inaugural speech tone Cai Yingwen announced to assign James Soong for attending the APEC conference "leaders", let the outside feel clearly, the original has been in deadlock between cross-strait relations will be a new round of competition. Taiwan Department of the Communist Party of China, James Soong would finally become Cai Yingwen’s leaders, like the "blue leader was only sent to acting as a proxy, the official is not open to the song all the time, but will wait, wait for the song" moves". Reported that the Beijing of the Song Dynasty frequently in recent years in the pan blue cracking section, although persuasion, or a criticism, but the United Front based on strategic considerations, "Hu song", "Xi song", a no less, even if Peru does not "Xi song", the Communist Party of China still sees song as old friends. The Chinese Communist Party has never hide the blue and green party likes and dislikes, and more recently without reservation to the pan blue ruling in 8 counties. This time, James Soong, Beijing has its own coping strategies. According to Taiwan, Wang reported on October 8th, will attend the APEC meeting of the people first party chairman James Soong, 7, on the program to ensure that they will be able to attend as scheduled. Mainland scholars believe that whether or not to go.相关的主题文章:

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