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By , November 15, 2017 5:11 pm

Taiwan media: DPP 30 need to change the opposition mentality back progress value – Beijing [global network reported] September 28th is the DPP’s 30 birthday, when the whole party. To celebrate the first grand "full power" after the first party celebration, the strong typhoon "deliberate" catfish was selected in this the day hit Taiwan, the party was forced to cancel the celebration. "The Taiwan times" Chinese 29 entitled "changing the opposition mentality find progress value" editorial, "thirty years of age considered entering the Democratic Progressive Party, won the first" full power "the perfect opportunity, but suffered unprecedented power setbacks. At this moment, the DPP leadership should be self checking, the more accepted a test, after the ruling Democratic Progressive Party whether to follow the "democracy" and "progress" of a party value, really make Taiwan more democratic and social progress. Recently, the island’s two Pro Green polling agency released the latest survey data to allow the ruling team embarrassing. "Taiwan public opinion foundation survey shows that people on Cai Yingwen than the office fell by 25%, hosted by the poll tour Yinglong described as" avalanche fell "; and another is regarded as a" pro Cai Yingwen "and" Taiwan generation think-tank published data shows, Cai Yingwen satisfaction has dropped to below 50%. Comments pointed out that this means that more than half a year ago to gangbusters and victory of the Democratic Progressive Party, even the most basic didn’t experience a brief honeymoon. The article in question, the DPP is not ruling experience, also have no idea and his campaign team, give people the "progress" commitment, how gorgeous was full, has provoked many youth enthusiasm for political participation, why until really mastered the power, but like a fully grasp the steering wheel of the hand? What is worse, as the initial phrase "humble" and "reconciliation", practice is the result of both frozen, government and the conflict, social opposition, wave after wave of social movement groups and the general public on Kay road protest. I love the most about Cai Yingwen’s "problem solving", has not been solved either pile, her ruling team is constantly "problem". The real experience of the whole people is a backward Taiwan, toward a poor society. The editorial believes that in the final analysis is that the party has just turned 30 years old, it seems not accustomed to turn into adults. "Rule", the mentality also reside in the "opposition" stage, all stood the opposition faces in the criticism, still looking for the enemy to struggle, also by way of handling the protest movement policy disputes. The dispute with the government pension treatment shame means to incite the labor opposition way of handling cases of Hugh issues, almost raid the handling of the assets of the Kuomintang, only a few months, the whole Taiwan in an uncomfortable atmosphere and opposition. As for Taiwan and foreign relations, the Cai Yingwen campaign consists of "maintaining the status quo", because "it refused 4 words (92 consensus)," play "to change the status quo, and finally the cross-strait relations instant frozen, mainland tourists do not come, terrestrial is reduced; the original smooth way out diplomacy, suddenly no longer flexible, open international participation space, gradually closed?相关的主题文章:

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