Sutong Bridge and rail car after cutting off the whole fall into the Yangtze River (video)

By , April 17, 2018 9:02 am

Sutong Bridge and rail car after cutting off the whole Yangtze River into the Sutong Bridge on the north side of the bridge and rail car off the whole, hanging on the navigable hole. 7, Suzhou Changshu maritime bureau informed the recent incident of Sutong Bridge inspection together with the track off the whole accident. In order to ensure the safety of Yangtze River route, by cutting and separating into the bridge inspection vehicle in Yangtze river. On the morning of October 28th, the Sutong Bridge surrounding the It is raining cats and dogs. wind up to 7, to 8. 7 pm, Changshu Maritime Bureau Command Center received the Sutong Bridge on the north side of bridge and rail vehicles off the whole, hanging in the main navigable hole in Sutong bridge. The overall weight of bridge inspection vehicle and rail fixed more than 15 tons, down 35 meters, the equivalent of Sutong Bridge Main Navigation Span of 62 meters maximum headroom half. Above the bridge inspection vehicle shed is located in the Yangtze River ship main navigation channel, and its deck vibration and wind, bridge inspection vehicle at any time may fall river, endangering the safety of the ship on the Yangtze River Waterway running. Changshu maritime bureau was informed that the situation, immediately by the maritime command center layout 3 cordon to implement temporary traffic control, the implementation of bridge area of ship monitoring, uninterrupted broadcast navigational warning for large ships to avoid. Also sent 2 maritime patrol boats rushed to the scene uninterrupted stationed on-site traffic. Due to loss of the bridge inspection vehicle structure is huge, but also in the bridge bottom, large machinery can not start from the construction of the bridge deck. After the emergency consultations with the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union Big Bridge Company, decided to let the operator down from the bridge deck to the bottom of the bridge after cutting off objects, and then implement the underwater salvage program. After more than ten hours to 29 days, the implementation of the construction of Sutong Bridge inspection vehicle cutting Big Bridge Company. During the 4 ship of marine ship bridge river area to implement the overall control of the Soviet union. Until 17 PM, cutting the end of construction, the safety of bridge inspection vehicle and affixed to fall into the river. Changshu maritime bureau arrange salvage engineering ship to bridge inspection vehicle crash area of bottom sweep measurements, scanning results showed that after the Fall River Bridge inspection vehicle, the top is about 30 meters away from the water, can guarantee the safety of ship navigation. The 30 day at 14:30, the drowning of bridge inspection vehicle by engineering ship overall salvage, towed to a safe area. No casualties in the accident. Extended reading: Sutong Bridge today traffic breakthrough 130 thousand traffic police take measures to ensure smooth (video has nothing to do with the article, for reference only)相关的主题文章:

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