Suspect because of emotional entanglements 25 year old woman when her boyfriend jumped off the bridg

By , November 15, 2017 5:12 pm

The 25 year old woman suspected because of emotional entanglements when her boyfriend – Beijing face jump the bridge yesterday at 12:50 PM, Haikou new port bridge near the new port island location, a young woman to the electric car parked on the bridge, when her boyfriend’s face climbed the bridge railing and jumped into the river. Near the fishing boat found after the woman to throw lifebuoys, she didn’t take it, ultimately sinking into the river, at present not dead but not dead. Reporter further investigation learned that the woman suspected of jumping bridge with emotional entanglements. Reporter Chang Kevin figure witness: the woman suddenly climbed the railing of the bridge jumped into the river at noon yesterday at 12:50 PM, is the new port bridge bridge work, migrant workers Li suddenly looked up and saw a woman at the end of the bridge, climbed the rail directly jumped into the river. The bridge is six or seven meters away from the water, where the water depth is also about six or seven meters, the woman seems to swim." Lao Li said, he saw the woman from the river water dispersed, head floating in the water, like in the swimming back and forth, from the point of drowning when she swam to more than and 10 meters is still in the water. It is understood that the incident occurred in the woman drowning has exactly two fishing boats near the ship’s personnel immediately rushed to sail is floating on the surface of the woman, and the woman to throw a life buoy, but I do not know why the woman into the water until no catch buoy. Another witness said the woman left her shoes and an electric car on the bridge, there is a suitcase on the electric car. The witness said he heard the man next to the woman’s boyfriend is jumping off the bridge, two people seem to fall in love for 20 days, but I do not know why the woman make suicide. After the incident, the man standing on the bridge to call the police, the new port border police station, 120 ambulances and 119 fire officers then arrived at the scene, in a relatively short period of time the police also driving motor boats on the river in search, but has not found the woman jumping off the bridge. Boyfriend: send her to bestie home on the way, I do not know why jump the bridge at noon yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene of the man jumping off the bridge in Haikou City Public Security Bureau New Port border police station, the man claiming to be called Xu village, Danzhou city light, born in 1988. Xu told reporters that the woman called the jump River Lee, born in 1991, but also Danzhou city people. Two people did not know before, in September this year, the two met at a Danzhou fellow party in Haikou, then exchanged micro signal, a short time after the contact, two people interested in each other, from October 6th began cohabitation. Xu told reporters that in the process of cohabitation two people, he learned that his girlfriend had a boyfriend before, but also contact each other. Two people live together, one night, his girlfriend came back later, he later learned that his girlfriend and former boyfriend together. Xu said he did not care about this matter, that the two can continue to contact. Xu usually engaged in decoration paint. General to get up early in the day to work, and Lee cohabitation about 20 days later, he felt a little. Xu said that he had to work during the day, before his girlfriend do, now enroll in the study of beauty, night after two people began to wine and dine chat, often talk to the early morning of the second day. "I’ve been feeling very good during the day.相关的主题文章:

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