Su Jinliang Hongkong can play a unique advantage in the new network – The Belt and Road

By , April 16, 2018 7:38 pm

Su Jinliang: Hongkong in the The Belt and Road construction play a unique advantage of the director of Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hongkong in August 29, the Hongkong SAR government, commerce and Economic Development Bureau Su Jinliang 29, said in Hongkong, "The Belt and Road" role in the construction of the volleyball team like "free players", can help the mainland different provinces and ASEAN countries. Su Jinliang said in a speech to the business forum, the recent mainland elite athletes to the Olympic Games, he was most impressed by the Chinese women’s volleyball team. How to play a unique advantage in Hongkong "The Belt and Road construction and reach a win-win situation with ASEAN, reminded him of the volleyball team in" free player". Su Jinliang said that Hongkong can do, such as free agent as flexible and speed, to the mainland provinces and ASEAN countries, assists". Another feature of the free agent is unrestricted access, and Hongkong in terms of capital, information and personnel mobility are unrestricted characteristics. He said, in "one country two systems", Hongkong can play a super contact role, give full play to their own advantages in the "The Belt and Road construction.相关的主题文章:

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