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By , November 19, 2017 1:09 am

Study: playing the game is perhaps your friend is not enough as always lose: the play explores the social behavior between the game player, has become a new research area in sociology, has important economic value and social significance, also may explain why you are in the game that people always lose less win. Gamasutra Anders Drachen research team published a study, reveals the shooting game "destiny", the relationship between social contact and the level of the game game player, the game player in many large-scale online games between social relations is an important part of the game experience. To figure out the value of social relationships in the game, we have studied more than 1 million "fate" Crucible models (a "fate" unique multiplayer battle), covering a total of 3 million 500 thousand players. We found that the best Crucible teams often have a very close relationship with the team, often with the team to help improve the level of players. "Destiny" is an online shooting game, game player has millions, has formed a very stable gaming community, the interaction between the game player and other members of the community has become a very important part of the gaming experience. So it’s very important for game designers to maintain these communities. A brief introduction to our research results, our research object is the fate of the higher level of players. It turns out that these strong people usually choose a fixed number of players to compete, and then they built a very close contact network, regardless of whether they belong to the same game organization. Game players often and acquaintances than those who pick the opponent’s opponent, the game level faster. Studying the social patterns of players in the game world will help the game designers to improve the quality of the game. The academic circle is also very interested in the communication in the game world, the game is a good research platform, because the players here to establish interpersonal relationships, mutual exchanges and cooperation. For example, corporate communications and leadership researchers like World of Warcraft in particular, in the game players need to join the team, leaders need to play management skills. On the game data platform, researchers can collect a large amount of information, which is often difficult to do in real life. Study on the social networking field is usually based on the "point line model", represent social subject, line represents all of the links, usually the focus of the study is not specific but the contact between the subject itself, for example a game player built up how much contact? How strong is the relationship? In the study of destiny, we put the dots and lines into the scope of the study. Most of the research on social games is to take the player’s friends list directly. But this time we want to study the competition between players, so the Crucible model of the combat team has become the main research object. A game player and another game player playing or more times the cooperation between them, that it will be more closely linked. We are interested in another research object is in the game world has a huge social network players. These players for the game company.相关的主题文章:

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