Study abroad four years high starting price of 2 million 630 thousand young students more than

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Study abroad in high school four years younger students more than the starting price of 2 million 630 thousand is the same for your study abroad, if they can go to the nouveau riche is said to go; the middle class is the effort to ordinary wage earners; it is not a sign of weakness, can not afford to go to, have to sell the house! This is the "small separation" in the outline of the three typical Chinese family portrait, and the three families without exception for the upcoming junior high school graduates choose the same path – study abroad. "The Wall Street journal" reported that in 2013, the United States to plan to go to American high school education Chinese middle school students issued 31889 student visas, but only 639 in 2005, 8 years rose by 50 times, and the data is still rising. In addition, Forbes Chinese statistics show that the "separation" in the small group of young students "(junior high school +) accounted for about 14.5%, while the 71.6% stage and the University disparity, but has more than the proportion of postgraduate stage. More and more students, more and more young, this is the biggest trend now. But are you really ready when you start thinking about making choices for your kids? Wangcai took you to the count, completed four years of high school in the United States, how much money to spend? In fact, younger students cost much higher than you think. Preparation stage: for example, to go to the United States to go to high school, junior high school children need to pass two examinations, one is TOEFL Junior (commonly known as the small TOEFL), one is the SAT American high school entrance examination. The two exam training costs in general 3-4 million, if the choice of targeted training for the cost, directly soared to more than 100 thousand yuan. In the TV series, and Zhang Xiaoyu in the square bud before going abroad to study abroad at a cram school, 800 hours a day, down 8000, is said to be a "course" in the TOEFL class one is not enough, to two. If coupled with intermediary service fees, before going abroad, the cost of large and small is nearly 200 thousand. Four years of high school tuition: $1 million 200 thousand abroad, tuition is the biggest cost. Some intermediary offer does not seem high, you do not really believe. Or in the United States, for example, according to the U.S. Department of homeland security regulations, the international student visa holders of F-1 most of the international students in the United States only public high school for one year. If you want your child to get a high school degree in the United States, Chinese children can only apply for private high school in the United states. Good reputation private high school tuition is expensive. Like "farewell" Anne play for her daughter Rosie for private school tuition is $40 thousand per year. The private school is divided into day and boarding. An intermediary agency recently released the US top 50 private school tuition, day the highest cost $57680 a year (about 380 thousand yuan), but also the lowest 40695 dollars (about 270 thousand yuan). The boarding school fees are more expensive, the most expensive one up to $133225 (about 870 thousand yuan), the cheapest is $58300 (about 380 thousand yuan). Because of the status of foreign students, Chinese students will choose to enter the private boarding school, the lowest annual cost of 30-40 million, so four years down, the 1 million 200 thousand will be slightly相关的主题文章:

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