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By , July 25, 2018 1:06 am

UnCategorized Perhaps you’ve always thought that a toolkit was something men liked but wasn’t something you ever wanted to own for yourself. Well, if we’re talking about the clanking sort that is used to repair things then I’m not surprised. However, there is another kind of toolbox and it is the mom life saver kind, the one full of resources that you can use to give yourself a break or a quick pep up in order to continue on with what you were doing. While the standard things like coffee, cakes, chocolate and alcohol maybe your first port of call when things get tough, they really aren’t the best things to use. There is no denying that they can be great short term fixes but they carry a price tag in the form of reduced performance later on. Instead of relying on these things to get you through it is better to find better solutions and enjoy a glass of wine because you want one not because you ‘need’ it. What exactly ought to go in your stress relieving toolbox? . websites that you enjoy visiting – they could be your favorite mom stress relief blogs, magazines, parenting sites, celebrity gossip – just make sure that they make you feel better about yourself and life and don’t stress you out further. . music – get a collection of your favorite music together and keep it in one spot. . healthy food in the fridge and freezer so you aren’t tempted to go for the quick sugar hit when you get low on energy . flower essences – Bach’s Rescue Remedy is one you could try. You don’t have to wait until a specific event sends you into overdrive, you can try taking it morning and night as a preventative. . essential oils – mix up your own soothing blend. . exercise options – from stretches to relieve specific aches to full cardio workouts – match your mood to your exercise of choice. . list of relaxing activities you enjoy and the phone numbers/contact details to make it happen. Set a page aside in your diary and list out the activities you find relaxing and your preferred venue. That way you always have options and not being able to get an appointment at your first choice won’t make you feel more stressed. You may find it helpful to draw up a list of all the items that are in your toolkit (at least the headings, if not the full list of activities/resources) and place it somewhere you’ll see it. On the fridge, noticeboard or office wall are all good places so that when you get stressed you can instantly find relief. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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