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By , April 15, 2018 12:24 pm

"The spy alliance" will be released   Acting back – the media – people.com.cn original title in the film: "Peter Yan value spy alliance", Peter acting back Brad Yan value? The couple’s divorce is still not a conclusion, but it seems to fade slowly in the gossip of vision, but Wednesday (November 30th) the release of the film, in particular may attract some curious people: according to legend, it is the last straw breaks the marriage of Julie and peter. In Peter and Julie to divorce after the news, the first being suspected of "participate" is the film starring, known as "the most beautiful woman in the world" (Claudia Ma Liang) Marion?. It is the story of World War II, the two spy disguised as husband and wife the assassination of the German ambassador, and later fell in love and married a girl a false thing becomes true. After the completion of the task, two people trapped in an unexpected SPY Mystery, love between husband and wife becomes suspicion. Does that sound like a couple of Smith? But my love has gone. While Ma Liang had to stand up to deny gossip: don’t pull calf, I was pregnant. Not long ago, the spy alliance premiere held in Shanghai, Pitt for the first time to China propaganda. Did you know that you are the sexiest male star in the world when you take part in the Ssagepit show? Peter asked, "is it, or is it?" Really let a bunch of fans distressed. Fortunately, the media on this piece of rave reviews, dubbed "the most beautiful 2016 year love movie", and said "passion" version of "Casablanca", especially the ending "tears collapse" index baopeng. America’s famous film critic website rotten tomatoes on the film’s expectations index is as high as 97%, more than the recent Hollywood film. According to people who have already seen, Pitt’s face value in the film are back, the state of mind is good, and acting online. Insiders predict that the spy alliance will also become the darling of the awards season, is a big hot Oscar prize next year. Oh, say, Oscar also owe a small leather, oh no, old skin, a oscar. (commissioning editor Zhao Guangxia and Song Xinrui)相关的主题文章:

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