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By , April 15, 2018 12:27 pm

"Sports teacher" Zhang Zijien Zhang Jiayi love exposure notice. Zhang Zijien, Zhang Jiayi Zhang Zijien – Sohu entertainment "my PE teacher" Zhao Ling Sohu entertainment news produced by Teng Huatao, directed by Lin Yan, Zhang Jiayi, Wang Xiaochen, Zhang Zijien who starred in the comedy "my city youth! The PE teacher "before the first exposure to a 8 minute trailer. In the film, Zhang Zijien plays the role of Zhao Ling is Zhang Jiayi’s best friend, Mark and his wife are unclear, after learning the truth of Mark and Zhao Ling strike violently strained relations between the two people, this is extreme, the two brothers will be how to resolve the dispute, let a person look at. TV drama "my! Physical education teacher in a relaxed and humorous way of telling the story of the marriage breakdown, family restructuring, second-hand loved ones, and many other serious practical problems. The strength of the actors, Zhang Zijien past the integrity, tough screen image, subversion starred humorous, romantic gold single Han Zhao Ling, and Mark (Zhang Jiayi) of the university students and the best buddies. In the trailer before the film side exposed, Zhao Ling sentence "my mom and I are the best of friends, but most want to see his divorce is me", but the character innermost feelings undoubtedly expose expectations. After that, Mark and his ex-wife in the parking lot when the dispute was to find his wife to see the wife, in the face of a shock of the face of Mark, Mark will be how to deal with? The relationship between three people will be going, everything can only wait for the "my PE teacher" after the broadcast announced. It is reported that, "my! The PE teacher "by Beijing Huamei time culture communication company, Shanghai Jiahe bright culture media company, Shanghai matrix film and television production companies, Chinese orange pictures (Beijing) Co. Ltd., Beijing perfect television media Co., Ltd. jointly produced, is expected in the spring of 2017 broadcast, please look forward to.   相关的主题文章:

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