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By , April 16, 2018 10:21 pm

SONY Xperia XZ experience: a "fast fashion" mobile phone Tencent digital news (Gao Xiang) SONY released a variety of new machines Xperia IFA 2016 in the consumer electronics show in Berlin, where Xperia XZ is the flagship product in the first half of this year to early next year. It seems that SONY has been half a year as a product replacement cycle, designed to build the mobile phone industry, fast fashion, but this frequent update strategy will make the product more attractive? May wish to find the answer by comparing the Xperia XZ and apple iPhone 6s. Obviously, as one of the few still stick to the world market, the Japanese mobile phone, Xperia series has formed a style of design. Relatively speaking, more tough lines, simple style and a variety of color, is the design language of Xperia series. The Xperia XZ before the continuation of the metal body, which is an evolution of the Xperia X compared to the Z period, so that the phone is more texture. It should be noted that the use of SONY Alkaleido aluminum alloy and iPhone 6S there is a significant difference in texture, not to say which is better, but no doubt more distinctive. The two phones together, or can obviously feel the difference in style, which also proves that the two phones have a high degree of recognition. Xperia XZ is a change to the screen size to 5.2 inches, but the fuselage did not become much larger. On the screen, SONY still refuses to 2K resolution screen, so Xperia XZ is still 1080P, the pursuit of the configuration of Android users may be disappointed. IPhone 6S is 4.7 inches 1334*750 pixels, feel the difference between the two is not large, but the color of the screen iPhone 6S will undoubtedly be accurate. The hardware configuration of hardware, SONY Xperia XZ is equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB RAM, the performance is good, the operation is very smooth. The interface is customized for SONY’s version of Android, the relative primary difference is small and easy to use but not too dazzling exclusive service. IPhone 6S, A9 processor and 2GB RAM in the field of Android is not the top, but running iOS 9 is still very smooth. In addition, Apple’s biggest advantage lies in the direct control of the iOS, the entire ecosystem is more perfect. 23 million pixel sensor camera SONY Xperia XZ continue to use their own, selling point is that the software algorithm, highlighting the dynamic effect and exposure treatment, while adding 5 axis anti shake software, the other phase focusing function before the continuation of the. Of course, it also has a full manual mode, customization is stronger than iPhone 6s. However, in the media of the comprehensive evaluation of SONY mobile phone camera, often because of strange exposure and color reduction performance can not be affirmed, but the SONY Xperia XZ camera performance test is relatively simple, with only a few activities at the scene of the specimen apparently unable to explain the problem. But feel,!相关的主题文章:

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