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By , April 16, 2018 10:18 pm

Someone wants to end that can sell on the train Wi-Fi times – Sohu technology paper | Lanna evening Wi-Fi, there is no electricity in 1%, and early weight loss is called the modern version of the four torture. Prior to listing, cheetah mobile had a very successful event marketing: it allows staff on the train through the wireless network card with wireless notebook, Wi-Fi produced their own tools, to achieve a small router function, and with tens of dollars an hour for a public sale, the final two hour brush news net five hundred yuan "over the whole network, the spread effect is quite good. However, after nearly three years later, there is a Internet Co trying to capture this opportunity, that is, in the train, aircraft and buses and other closed long-distance travel scene, providing commercial Wi-Fi services. This is not the enterprise may also slow, but difficult to break through the system, the railway system as an example, even after separating the reshuffle, "iron boss" reputation as loud, deal with work efficiency, are criticized. In this year’s NPC and CPPCC, also had the people’s Congress, declared that "high iron total iron does not need to install the Wi-Fi, because of the expensive cost and easy bad, cause little controversy. The so-called Internet user experience economic supremacy, in these not fully market-oriented business, or some unrealistic and a powerful and unconstrained style. So in the conference on September 22nd, Wi-Fi group released "air travel round-trip" almost exhausted its founder Guo Man accumulated resources and experience of ten years, he was the founder of the Air Media, do is covering the vast majority of airport traffic areas into the media, that is not easy, in the two venture also, he took more than two years, will be able to put into the hundreds of thousands of electronic equipment more than 10 vehicles, 16000 intercity bus train, completing the whole network solutions "this just need. The free public Wi-Fi, cross by the provider is divided into commercial (supply) and inclusive (government supply) two, by the longitudinal scene is divided into outdoor shopping malls, bus, etc., so as to form a Wi-Fi hotspot uneven, such as "Wi-Fi" universal key this "shake machine spirit" type of product, it is projected national eagerly looked forward to the atmosphere. Along with the Internet movement near the end of the digital world disenchantment, Aboriginal more and more have been regarded as the infrastructure, no longer has a "shared memory access" and "broken network". Only in special scene — such as flying or high iron — will be full of sadness and anxiety temporarily switch to the "offline" state, out of touch with the world. "No" the envy of international flights to treatment: not only can normal use of mobile phone (only during takeoff and landing, during the closed) machine is to provide more slowly but indeed can pay Wi-Fi services, take wings across the sky overlooking the photos to my circle of friends, like taking drugs to social, heart full of joy to meet. So when he told the story of the migration of Chinese people, "相关的主题文章:

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