So adorable you really willing to eat – Sohu to eat and

By , April 18, 2018 11:51 pm

So adorable you really willing to eat? Sohu eating and drinking tired of the cafeteria, take away? It will bring their own food, afraid of their own lunch Nabuchushou? Don’t worry, the girl chowhound teach you face — pig luncheon meat lunch ~ as long as a few simple steps, let you easily attract the audience. Let’s learn to let them envy! The origin of the rise of the position of convenience: the earliest in the Southern Song Dynasty, the phrase "Bento" means "convenient things, convenient, smooth". After entering Japan as "road" and "discrimination" and "discrimination when" token. "Easy" the word is derived from the incoming China later Anti Japanese ". When" (Music: Bentou). Now more has been simplified into Bento, used in most areas, known as the "lunch", namely boxed meals. But in the Taiwan area is commonly called lunch, usually for lunch, take out, work meals and other occasions. Preparation and 3 pieces of 1 pieces of seaweed 400g Steamed Rice luncheon meat 1 slices of ham and the amount of oil 1 pasta needed for canned luncheon meat fresh-keeping film embossing tool empty (or scissors tweezers) concrete steps to cut 3 pieces of luncheon meat pot heat oil, fry until golden on both sides of the luncheon meat. The empty luncheon meat can be covered with plastic wrap, rice (three points), compaction. Take the fried rice and vegetable roll out, lunch meat in rice and vegetable roll. Cut a seaweed with around a circle, luncheon meat, rice and vegetable roll. With the embossing device (or scissors) out of pig eyes, nose. With a ham cut out 6 small oval, the 2 as the pig’s ear, the other 4, as shown in the figure cut out an inverted "V", do pig feet. As shown in the assembly, with the Italian side of the pig to fix the two ears and the following two feet, into the lunch box can be. Hand in hand, watching videos is not received from the envy of the ~ ~ ~ from all sides. The video, Namiko Chen studio delicacy相关的主题文章:

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