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"Farewell" screenwriter: This is the best children’s books – Sohu TV series "little maternal separation" has been the perfect ending. However, the drama of a number of different ways of family education and educational philosophy that we have been pondering. In fact, "farewell" Screenwriter’s daughter was YY rabbit small fans Oh ~ when she was eight years old learn to read "own – YY rabbit independent growth fairy tale", also wrote a lot of reading notes! Although more than a year later, but we can still have the tender words, feel her fairy tale world yearning, and joy of growth! At the same time, we can also appreciate the small author writers of her mother sincere love, and for her inner world understanding. So let’s look at what they are saying, He Qing, who graduated from the Department of literature, Beijing Film Academy in 1996. Currently Shanghai film group creative talent center screenwriter, the national two writers. Written by He Qing of the hit TV series "separation" had triggered a nationwide discussion, becoming the 2016 annual "phenomenal" TV series. Friends to send me a set of "learn to control their independent growth — YY rabbit fairy tale". I secretly sigh, my daughter Mei is eight years old, the book is "Harry Potter" and "Lindgren · fairy tales", now get YY rabbit is wasted? But the books arrived, the headline startled me — I thought is stupid bear fat pig, what, did not think it was the moon elves, little witch beans, live in a box of rabbit such a title, beautifully printed and illustrated particularly lively love. I secretly pondering, perhaps the previous concerns are unnecessary, the daughter may like it! Indeed, her daughter came back from school, saw this book shouted to rush over. After reading a book, she took a deep breath, happily said to me: nice look! See the full set of books after her daughter, also carefully wrote her book". A reading share: I love most is "Little Flower Fairy" want to be warm, because I want to be the flower fairy. This dream can not be achieved, only to see the small warm. Small warm in order to help other little girl, sacrificed her own dream. I sympathize with her. Small warm is a small Elven Kingdom, her biggest dream is to become a famous wizard. In order to pass the test of character of flower mother-in-law, cheeky little warm after numerous efforts. However, in the implementation of the last task, small warm but accidentally fell from the sky, in order to help a little girl dreams, small warm decided to reluctantly give their own dreams, but she believes that the flower fairy dream from her closer. "In my procrastination" cold sweats, but I am an impatient, if procrastination, and Su lazy to drag in, can be finished! Su Xiaolan is a little girl who works hard. One day, my mother really unbearable, incantation turns her to drag Su Xiaolan country, because delicious Potato Pancake was employed as a chef for the king, the kingdom of a potato meal. A week later相关的主题文章:

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