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By , April 16, 2018 10:18 pm

Small arc design big mood – the new Kroraina Jiangnan product rhyme "arc beauty" – Sohu car is a very simple question: how to connect between the two most beautiful? More Westerners will choose straight tough simple; but for Asians, choose a suitable range of bright spots in the outside out of a graceful arc, is usually the best choice. Yes, the twists and turns of the curve, the most direct bearer of China’s thousands of years of culture and life of the road. Since ancient times the Chinese manner all in the pursuit of this close to a radian. We can call it China’s unique arc culture recently, the new Kroraina team again to explore the cultural tour of the successful conclusion. The exploration of the place, it is beautiful scenery, rich cultural landscape of the south of the Yangtze river. Have visited the famous architect Liu Haiping, cheongsam designer Zhao Lei and purple master Shao Chenli. The core of the search is also the traditional Chinese aesthetic unique label arc, with which a "arc" multiple collisions. In fact, for the arc gene and arc pursuit from human survival instinct. After the birth of the baby and the mother of the mother’s natural contact with the human body on the radian of the brand in the blood. It has been so since ancient times. In the south of the Taihu River Basin in eastern China, since ancient times "Yumizhixiang" reputation. Its civilization has a long history. Around 3000 BC, the new era was inhabited. In 1936 found that Liangzhu town north of the city of Hangzhou Yuhang District Liangzhu site is representative of the Liangzhu culture sites in the lower reaches of the Yangtze river. Unearthed in the Liangzhu culture relics of the most famous is the black pottery and fine polished jade. Many of them are as funerary objects. From the modeling can be seen at the time of the people have been deliberately seeking smooth arc curve shape. However, scientific research has proved that the pursuit of radian is the source of the worship of the maternal body. Thus, whether it is totem worship, or for the pursuit of arc aesthetics, we can trace back to more than 5000 years of history. Millennium is fleeting. Outstanding Jiangnan, everywhere contains the aesthetic temperament of Chinese traditional culture. Look at the new Kroraina team how to explore. Straight line and arc, the mutual difference of the East for thousands of years of feudal culture, there is a claim to the academic system of cultural heritage. Quothouheixuequot, "a middle course" has been repeatedly mentioned keywords. More than a dozen feudal dynasties. "The widdy" officials are most of the lifelong pursuit of official work take worldly-wise and play safe, "arc", and finally by the officials of the people were upright and outspoken in people’s vision will go down in history. Or Kou Zhun, or Bao Zheng, take the "straight line" they dare to challenge authority. In their colleagues, they did not take the "arc" survivor. It can be said that they are living in the arc of the heterogeneous. In the architectural aesthetics, the use of "arc doctrine" has become a heterogeneous, modern civilization is one of the important signs of modern architecture. People tend to be impressed by the construction of an arc element.相关的主题文章:

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