Skin care method for pregnant mothers during pregnancy tonya mitchell

By , November 19, 2017 6:00 pm

During the fall of pregnant mothers skin care method [Abstract] after pregnancy, you will find that the physical aspects have undergone significant changes, even the skin becomes more sensitive, the beauty of the mothers, the more need careful care of your skin. About skin care during pregnancy because of the changes in the body hormone prone to a lot of problems, so pregnant women should pay attention to maintenance. However, based on the special physiological conditions of pregnant women, there are a lot of places in the skin care needs special attention, to master the necessary knowledge of pregnant women beauty, so that women can maintain the beauty before pregnancy. Skin care for pregnant women are most concerned about: skin care must pay attention to the following 1 pregnant women, dry and rough, prone to acne. Pregnancy skin care products to choose only a simple moisturizing effect without other functions. If you worry about skincare ingredients is not good, may wish to clean water and glycerol were mixed at a ratio of 1 to 5, plus a little bit of white vinegar on OK. Especially after 5 months of pregnancy, the skin will be some dry, rough, quasi Mommy can choose lotion or cream for skin care. 2, pregnant women will also be on the face, the body out of a variety of spots, some of which can disappear after the end of the production of pregnant women. To make their recovery in the postpartum good, to ensure good sleep, eat more high-quality protein, vitamin B, vitamin C food is essential. 3, pregnant women ugly stretch marks. Pregnant women should be part of the body at any time to wipe the oil, rub the role of oil is to prevent postpartum abdominal and leg leave marks. Especially in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, etc.. Such as local conditioning cream, they can be used during pregnancy and postpartum, can effectively slow down the skin relaxation, prevention or cure stretch marks. In addition, girdle can also help Mommy to hate the pregnancy. [Abstract] after pregnancy, you will find that all aspects of the body has undergone significant changes, and even the skin has become more sensitive than before, the beauty of the mothers who need to take care of your skin. On the makeup of fertilizer from thin to become a "big belly" pregnant women, this is not a change from the rubbish into a beautiful woman, so, it is still beautiful and still be beautiful, not only his own mind is very useful, go shopping is very cocky, touzhaoyue. According to experts, the pregnant mother will cause vomiting and tiredness of the face appear more pale, the spirit becomes in the blues, so pregnant women can be modified through the appearance to disperse the tension caused by emotional changes. According to experts, can be of Mommy’s makeup. "Makeup, use a dark series of foundation to dress up, if pregnant women face freckles, you should use cover spot cream, but not painted too thick, otherwise easy to hurt the skin. On the foundation, you can put on the transparent powder to fix cosmetics, and then painted eyeliner, eyebrows, lipstick can be. Finally, brush a layer of blush, ruddy face." Intimate reminder: Mommy skin care tips after pregnancy, changes in hormone levels, will affect the skin. Some people become more smooth and delicate skin, also some people have become sensitive to rough, will appear prurigo of pregnancy, papular dermatitis, and even facial plaques of pregnancy (hudieban), abdominal pregnancy. Therefore, during pregnancy should be reasonable skin care to ensure that.相关的主题文章:

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