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By , April 17, 2018 8:56 am

"Single" is not so good when you have passed the monthly income of November 11th "singles day" soon, single people once again become the focus of social concern. Recently released "2016, cherished network singles status report series third" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the average monthly disposable income reached 8000 yuan for gold singles; Guangzhou Shenzhen female mate set million salary income threshold; over six adults agree with the "spare" date; Shanghai and Hangzhou million honeymoon honeymoon budget leader nouveau riche list; Nanjing single most unwilling to live with their parents after marriage. The report focuses on the online survey of 100 million members of the treasure network, the report received a total of valid sample of 4555 copies of the single person’s economic situation, marriage and marriage concept of a comprehensive analysis. Single economy: "gold singles" earning 8000+ "double 11" buy buy buy "hand chop party, single people consumption ability be nothing difficult, on a disposable income is the most directly determines the individual quality of life status. The report shows that over 50% of men and women average monthly disposable income reached 3000-5000 yuan, nearly 30% single men and women average monthly disposable income reached 5000-8000 yuan, the average monthly disposable income of 8000 yuan accounted for more than 10%. The monthly average disposable income of over 8000 yuan of single men and women are known as gold single family, Shanghai accounted for the largest single, followed by Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, the United states. Found an interesting report, the average monthly disposable income of over 8000 yuan in the crowd, the proportion of single women is actually higher than single men, first-tier cities, economic independence and high consumption capacity of single women is also increasing. Mate requirements: Beijing women on her boyfriend’s monthly income requirements can be found through a blind date, single men and women mate, income is one of the important considerations. The report shows that with the development of material economy, the economic requirements of women in mate choice have gone up, over 80% single women think 5000 yuan is the starting point for men’s income, namely off single pass line". Among them, 67.06% of single women require men’s monthly income of 5000-10000 yuan, while the monthly income of more than ten thousand yuan also have 25.02%. Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, and Guangzhou are among the top five cities in the country with higher incomes. While men’s income requirements for women are generally low – 80% of men said the other half of the income of less than $5000 is also willing to accept, there is no special requirement. There are many factors to consider in addition to income. Research shows that 42.78% of women believe that equal marriage is important, while 90.17% of single men is that feelings are more important into the marriage, the family is not a necessary condition. Mate vision: male 178cm female 163cm the most popular is difficult to take off a single person will often be considered high, too picky. In the end is not the case? The report shows that not only men are visual animals, when the spouse believes that the other side of the appearance of the condition is very important, almost 70% of women, they have a higher demand for men’s height and body shape. In contrast, attach great importance to the appearance of each other;相关的主题文章:

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