Singer Chen Hong mother was signed on suspicion of fraud equity

By , April 15, 2018 12:25 pm

Singer Chen Hong mother receive equity documents signed by the alleged fraud identification showed that the "investor transfer agreement" and other documents in the "Li Jun" signature I wrote JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Heng) yesterday, reporters from the singer Chen Hong ex husband Li Jun families informed, Chen Hong and her ex husband Li Jun Yazhijie equity dispute has made new progress. A related dispute forensic Book abest shares showed abest Home Real Estate Development Company Limited shares change materials, the company chairman Li Jun and his mother’s signature was identified as non my handwriting. And through these materials, the company’s equity is changed to the name of Chen Hong’s mother. Currently, Li Jun has made an application to the business sector, the revocation of the request to change the ownership of the business registration certificate to the mother of Chen Hong. Industry and Commerce Department initially identified Beijing Yazhijie home real estate development company suspected of defrauding the company registration by submitting false materials, and investigation. Chen Hong was charged with ex military identity business in March 3, 2014, our boss Li Jun and his wife Chen Hong divorce when a "equity transfer agreement", Li Jun will be 50% equity transfer under the name of Beijing Yazhijie Advertising Co. Ltd, Beijing Yazhijie Investment Co. Ltd., Beijing Yazhijie home real estate development Co. Ltd. and other nine companies to Chen Hong. At the end of June 2015, Li Jun said the prosecution to the court, the parties entered into the contract, he ignored Chen Hong’s military status. In accordance with the provisions of the "Chinese people’s Liberation Army interior service regulations" article 114th, "the military not to do business, shall not be engaged in their occupation and other paid intermediary activities." Li Jun said, in view of the above provisions, he did not agree with Chen Hong by the management company, but Chen Hong when he was not in the company as forcibly achieved company seals, and the actual conduct of the operation and management activities. Li Jun asked the court to determine whether the two sides signed the equity transfer agreement, the relevant provisions of invalid. In the case when the trial in February this year, Chen Hongfang said in reply, Li Jun Sue had no factual and legal basis, the petition involved in the "equity transfer agreement" clause is a clause that is authorized, Li Jun will be awarded the Chen Hong related rights. "China people’s Liberation Army interior service regulations" is equivalent to the departmental rules and regulations, legal effect not departmental regulations as the legal basis of invalid contract; in addition to Chen Hong after obtaining authorization, and not to do business, not related to the evidence and the case of Li Jun. Change of equity materials were identified as false signature handwriting in early March, Li Jun put forward to the business sector, our home company equity transfer related materials previously suspected of fraud. May, the industrial and commercial departments to accept the case, and commissioned by the Beijing Center for judicial identification of the balance of the material changes in the judicial identification. Reporters learned from the families of Li Jun, the current judicial expertise has been relevant conclusions. Li Jun’s signature identification materials for the March 3, 2014 "Beijing abest home real estate development Co., the sixth session of the second meeting of shareholders resolution", "investment transfer agreement", the reference sample is Li Jun notarized by the authorized sister’s attorney and the divorce agreement signed. Identification opinion, identification materials on the "Li Jun" signature and sample on the Li Jun相关的主题文章:

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