Shenwan Hong to ditch Jin Hong energy investors with a target price of 100 yuan price 16

By , November 19, 2017 5:51 pm

Shenwan Hong to ditch Jin Hong energy investors with a target price of 100 yuan price 16 hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide [] the first exclusive planning period: Shen Wan Hongyuan Wang Sheng said that the 4000? The second phase: spiral cattle Merchants Securities Wang Zhen you go? Third: Changjiang Securities Research Report Chuantao Qin "personality" by the number of illegal [related] Shenwan Hong Jin Hong about seven of the energy research report are: "Jin Hong energy: benefit from coal to gas, industrial park, overseas trade three," Jin Hong "elastic energy: day three positive, the market value of 30 billion not far away," Jin Hong: "energy caused by low expectations turn solid performance in 14 years, 15 years will benefit from coal to gas," Jin Hong "and distributed energy: a quarter of a slight growth, is about to enter the results of the release period," Jin Hong "energy: equity incentive introduced, target price raised to 100 yuan", "Jin Hong energy: the benefit of Zhangjiakou" development plan ", the layout of Hebei’s results," Jin Hong for "energy: reporting the results than expected, expected expansion and price down". Original title: Shenwan Hong to ditch Jin Hong energy investors with a target price of 100 yuan price of 16 Chinese economic network editor’s note: in recent years, the brokerage Research Report "heart" emerge in an endless stream. Some analysts believe that the application of the Hong Kong million yuan to protect the energy price of Jin Hong issued a valuable research report. Found out, February 2015 to August 2015, Shenwan Hong gives out 7 copies of the research report. Research reported firmly optimistic about the long-term market value of 30 billion Jin Hong energy, Jin Hong energy is not far, also raised the target price to 100 yuan. However, Jin Hong energy’s share price performance just passable, from 37 yuan last year, fell to 16 yuan now. In addition, the brokerage sector in Oscar "new wealth selection into the voting stage like a raging fire, the major brokerage firms also resorted to exhaust all the skills. WeChat public number Shenwan strategy "in October 20th, 27, push the title, were added" please support Shenwan Hong new wealth first strategy". However, the six time on the list of best new wealth analyst Shenwan Hong securities chief analyst Wang Sheng macro strategy, by the media called "the altar". By the end of 2015, Wang Sheng shouted A shares in 2016 under the assumption of neutral touch up to 4000 points. Analysts said the brokerage Research Report as an expert to make analysis and judgment, should be objective, fair, professional, prudent. Because it not only affects the listed company’s share price rose, the market also affects the flow of funds, really want to go snacks just passable Shenwan Hong Jin Hong energy stock research report no value? In July 2015, Jin Hong energy company announced the termination of the restructuring, "stability" scheme in the announcement of the resumption, and announced the stock option incentive plan, the company intends to 76 incentive target, stock options granted 10 million copies, the exercise price of 37.92 yuan. The performance evaluation index for the exercise period, the first exercise period and on相关的主题文章:

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