She is also the mother of hot anchor, breast augmentation after winning the champion chest (video) 3edyy

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She is also the mother of hot anchor, breast augmentation after winning the chest model champion breast augmentation, just want to become more beautiful, simple!" Out of the university campus, the idea of a small Jiao breast augmentation, especially when she stood on the stage presided over the event, this desire is more intense. In May 31st this year, small charming finally walked into the beauty Hospital of Hefei. And when she came back again in her friend’s eyes in June 12th, the feeling that she had never felt before." The picture shows the design of breast augmentation surgery after the end, the nurse began to small Jiao chest disinfection, which is an important part of the operation. The 25 year old Jiao in 2014 graduated from the Anhui University School of the arts, learning is a professional radio host, tall and beautiful appearance, and good professional accomplishment, make her more confident on stage. Pictured May 2nd, Zhang Xiaojiao presided over the conference at the Anhui International Convention and Exhibition center. Zhang University of science and technology is broadcast hosting professional, after two years of hard work, has become a well-known local anchor in Hefei. She is also the backbone of the breast is too hot to win the chest champion chest but small Jiao every time to see their partial flat chest, in addition to self-confidence, always feel some regret. Then thought of breast augmentation. Pictured in May 5th, plastic surgery hospital, small Jiao looked at his face in the mirror. On this day, small Jiao to the hospital to consult their own breast augmentation related matters. Little charming is a very optimistic and open girl. During the University, many students to do a lot of "fantastic". Jiao and her boyfriend is very small, high school repetition, two formal talk about love. When she and her boyfriend love 1314 days, they went to the licensing registration, while the fourth grade or small Jiao university. For small charming in the car to give yourself up. Sometimes she had several activities a day and had to rush in. "The feeling that you can’t understand." Although it is already three years ago, and now the small charming memories, still a look of intoxication. "The day of the wedding, to a lot of classmates, four bridesmaids, three is my college roommate." When graduation, small Jiao has been close to the expected date of birth, so holding a big stomach to participate in the graduation photo, the scene of the students are all amazed. In order to get pregnant, small charming graduation reply are delayed, and now the children are two years old, she is still busy doing graduation reply. The picture shows the scene of the defense, a few teachers and small charming chat, ask the child of small Jiao, small charming embarrassed smile. At noon, busy living small charming home, 2 year old baby has been sleeping, when not busy, small charming is at home to look after the children. Breast augmentation this idea, in the hearts of small Jiao has been brewing for more than two years, but has not courage!" Despite the small charming optimistic open, but really want to do breast augmentation, or some scruples. The risk of surgery, her husband, family can accept? Even their children in the future will not be affected because of their own? Friends how to see? Wait。 Because of these, small charming has been hesitant. Hesitate to hesitate, but small charming has not put down the idea. While she checked the information, while consulting. Coincidentally, a good little sister a year ago also had a breast augmentation surgery, so, the sister became her constant harassment object. "Asked her a lot of things."相关的主题文章:

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