Shanghai Yishoufang daily turnover of 2000 sets of morning break up to buy a house at 2-freelander2

By , April 16, 2018 10:34 pm

Shanghai Yishoufang daily turnover of 2000 sets of morning break up to buy a house to buy a house in Shanghai today, a breakthrough in the signing of the contract of 2000! In order to buy a house, someone lined up at 2 in the morning to divorce! Recently, on the Internet will be held in Shanghai on September implementation of the purchase of the rumors Sheng clamor. However, yesterday (29) at about 17 PM, Shanghai City Housing Authority has been clarified for these rumors. However, people did not think that the second days of rumors, Shanghai hand housing units continue to record high, as of today at 18:54 PM, the volume has reached 2042 units. Daily economic news reporter noted that this is the four consecutive day to break a thousand sets. The data from the Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center previously affected by the rumors, a sudden increase in the number of divorces in Shanghai. But after the rumor, daily economic news reporter field survey found that the real situation puzzling. Two in the morning queuing for divorce through daily economic news reporter visited found that the current Shanghai many District Civil Affairs Bureau was crowded, especially some large population area. First of all, the reporter came to the Pudong Civil Affairs Bureau, although it is time to rest at noon, but there are still a lot of people queuing at the entrance. Daily economic news reporter on the scene at the turn, and with the usual divorce depression, emotional indifference couples to divorce, these small couples instead of laughing and talking. Daily economic news reporter in the same couple came to divorce after a couple of chat found that they come to the purpose of divorce is very clear – to buy a house. The reason is very simple, Shanghai house is too expensive, too high taxes." Reporter note: the first suite of deed tax is 1.5%, the two suite is 3%. Shanghai 10 million of the house, for example, the first suite required to pay the deed tax is 150 thousand, the two suite is 300 thousand. This means that the divorce can pay less than 150 thousand of the deed tax In this regard, divorce seems to be a cost-effective choice. When a reporter asked which one get out? The other said that a basic It differs from man to man., also the main mortgage. It is understood that the number of Pudong New Area Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce is generally 50 pairs a day, on the afternoon of the 25 pairs. The number of people who came to divorce last weekend, as many as hundreds of pairs. However, the field staff said that due to the significant increase in the number of people receiving every day, they now try to do more than a few pairs. Compared with Pudong, Xuhui District is a bit "willful", directly posted a notice: "in view of the divorce registration number, has been beyond my business center reception capacity, to ensure service quality and ensure the normal working order of marriage registration window, at the same time in order to avoid the unnecessary waiting for long time, please handle divorce registration party another day to my center to take a number to handle related affairs." According to the site security, today issued a total of more than and 60 numbers, one pair of 2 am this morning to queue up for divorce." The security told reporters that the number of divorces from the beginning of last week has increased, but only on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Xuhui District, today to see the majority of people who have come before the preliminary discussion相关的主题文章:

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