Shanghai Tour de No.110 small reversed into the semi-finals defeat Tsonga swallow out-remonstrate

By , April 18, 2018 5:41 am

Shanghai tour Djokovic reversed NO.110 into the semi-finals lost out (click to watch Tsonga swallow HD photos) sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, 2016 Shanghai Rolex masters launched 14 men’s singles finals, the defending champion Djokovic to overcome the unfavorable situation of the multi start mistakes, and ultimately to 3-6 7-6 (4) 6-3 reversed the world rankings 110th qualifying player to reach the semifinals, Mesha – Zverev, last year’s runner up 3-6 4-6 against Agute tsonga. Djokovic and Misha – Zvi Lev once in the distant 2009 against Djokovic two win, Misha Zvi Lev in this period has experienced ups and downs, currently ranked 100 and more, the Shanghai playing qualifying tournament final again after a lapse of 7 years to qualify for the masters quarter finals, confidence and in the best state, so Djokovic don’t let down. The first game, the small German Paul made it easy for second innings, Djokovic missed two break points, Zvi Lev breathtaking Baofa, Djokovic then errors 0-40 sent three break points, the opponents successfully seize the opportunity to achieve the break, Zvi Lev once again to resolve the break point after Paul made the lead to 3-1. After two people issued their own security, the small German 3-5 to non insurance is not an office, he mistakes in 40-0 lead, again and again, eventually break, losing the first set 3-6. Second, Zverev Paul made a successful, but still in the small German mistake quagmire eventually issued a double break point error was again broken into a small 0-2, then de Qiuwen, even 4 successful break back to 2-2, then the two issued their own security and mutual break a battle to 4-4, the game disc the key stage, two people give each other love game Paul made the war to 5-5 level. The next two people continue to fight the pressure to protect the war to 6-6, into the grab seven. Small world first temperament all show, 7-4 finished with, the match into the final set. Decider Djokovic complete control of the situation, start to achieve break 3-0 lead, then two people issued their own security, Djokovic final 6-3 won the decider, semi-finals, semi-finals his opponent is Agute, Spaniard 6-3 6-4 won last year’s tournament runner up Tsonga, first into a large division semi-finals career. (rod)相关的主题文章:

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