Shanghai team No. two manned space launch success is just the beginning (video) iptd-651

By , November 19, 2017 4:11 am

Shanghai team: No. two manned space launch manned space in Shanghai Temple of success is just the beginning team to inspect the docking mechanism in the test plant. (Shanghai Institute of aerospace technology for map) (Figure 1) is a mid autumn festival. When you are with the family and the toast, in the northwest of the Gobi desert, there are a group of people like you in the sky, just at this moment, they follow is not too late for the moon to be absorbed in their family greetings, devoted the time, effort and emotional "child", "Temple No. two space laboratory". 15 days 22 when 04 points, with a deafening roar and rocket tail light, Long March two FT2 rocket lifts with Tiangong two lab space launch, just a few minutes, it becomes a small bright spot, disappeared in the crowd’s vision, then accompanied by a burst of cheering. But at the moment, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Shanghai Academy of space technology team are busy busy manned space flight control center in Beijing and the Jiuquan satellite launch center command and control hall, when you hear the panels, to confirm the normal "Tiangong two space lab has accurate orbit, the solar panels provide kinetic energy before they come from normal. The tension in the slow, want to clap, remember to give the family a hug, a greeting call. From 1992 China formally announced the opening of manned space flight project, by 1999 the successful launch of Shenzhou spacecraft, Shenzhou five, 2003 will send Yang Liwei space, 2011 Shenzhou eight and Tiangong-1 successfully completed China’s first space rendezvous and docking, and then to the Tiangong two space laboratory successfully launched 24 years, China manned the space project successfully completed 12 missions, 24 years, Shanghai manned space team left in manned space Chinese thick and heavy in colours in the history of a pen." Gu Cefeng, deputy commander in chief of China Manned Space Engineering manned spacecraft system, cargo spacecraft system and space laboratory system. People feel the charm of space overload, they do not want to leave in early July of this year, Gu Cefeng led from the Shanghai expedition, came to the Jiuquan satellite launch center, began to launch a period of 2 months of preparatory work, the high temperature of more than and 40 degrees Celsius, dry climate, there was a bite of a swollen urticant painful 10 days of mosquitoes. However, compared to the launch of the Shenzhou one in 1999 when the discomfort, and now high temperature, dry, mosquitoes do not constitute a problem, after 17 years, they have adapted to this piece of land. "1999 Shenzhou launch test when I came here this season is such a high temperature, no air conditioning no fan, even without a mat, we couldn’t sleep at night." Senior Product Assurance Expert Gu Jing told reporters, "there was no condition to drink mineral water, the water here is alkaline, we do not adapt to the collective diarrhea, we later before each meal, a group of people sat down to drink two tablespoons of vinegar, now has become an unforgettable memory." Chinese manned cargo spacecraft system deputy chief check learn Lei graduated from university in 1994 and joined the Shanghai aerospace, 22 years has been engaged in the development of manned space cabin structure and assembly work. "The difficulty of a work from scratch, not experience is unimaginable, experienced a lifetime相关的主题文章:

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