Security work to be wounded by the boss said the company is not responsible for

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Security work to be wounded by the boss said the company is not responsible for the work of the original title: work because of the quarrel was wounded boss is "injury"? Pixian Anjing judicial dispute successful coordination, were awarded 220 thousand yuan newspaper news (reporter Wang Hong) yesterday, who lives in Pixian an Jing Zhen Yong Du Cun longmou in the judicial staff’s help, finally got 220 thousand yuan compensation for medical expenses, because a year ago with colleagues from the dispute led to injuries in hospital that company has to do not belong to the category of compensation for longmou refused, let to cure almost destitute. "At that time, because of the small and the security captain Zhang quarreled with Zhang, under shortness of breath pipe banging his head, was seriously injured." Dragon family told reporters, the original, beating someone who is a dragon with the company’s seafood market when the Security Zhang, dragon was hit the same day was admitted to the hospital. After more than half a year, because of the differences between the two sides for medical expenses and compensation issues with great views, until the end of the year can not solve, longmou families had to settle again and again to the company requirements. During the accident, the first time a dragon family also asked the lawyer responsible for this event, negotiations with the company, but a few months after fruitless negotiations, finally, longmou longmou family see the urgent need of surgery, if not timely treatment, it is easy to become a vegetable, and the family of the Dragon House is not optimistic. So to ask for help to solve an Jing justice. The main contradiction is that the case, the company believes that the dragon does not listen to the captain from time to time in the arrangement of the captain Zhang, leading to escalation of contradictions between the two sides, it can not be used as compensation for work-related injuries. To dragon on a court, the court to decide if the company has the obligation to assume responsibility, the number of compensation is how much compensation." Judicial staff said, according to the scope of work injury, the provisions of the company should bear the corresponding liability for industrial injury. However, the company’s lawyers do not agree with this view, and requires the identification of work-related injuries. We had no choice but to mobilize the families of the dragon can be treated first, after the injury is stable, do the classification of disability levels and then put forward in accordance with the standards of compensation or in accordance with the results of the treatment of the injured patients to make compensation." As a result of previous treatment spent the money in the home, the condition of the more and more serious, see this situation, the judiciary staff around the Dragon contact hospital. After the hospital contact, and the person in charge of the company repeatedly communicate, and finally let the operating costs to be resolved. In May this year, after the operation of the General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region in, the condition is basically stable, the judiciary staff to proceed with the preparation of a subsequent compensation for the problem. Our staff to do the first to do a disability identification, identification results for five disabled. Subsequently, the judiciary staff will contact the person in charge of the company, requiring the company to come up with solutions. Batterer Zhang inability to pay, has now been sentenced, the company as a management side, it should bear the corresponding responsibility." An Jing judicial official told reporters, after the repeatedly carefully according to the provisions of laws and regulations of the two sides do ideological work, the final agreement between the parties, by the company in the early payment of medical expenses and treatment period of three months’ wages on the one-time compensation of camp相关的主题文章:

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