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By , April 15, 2018 12:26 pm

Secret: Telecommunications fraud money fast ten thousand can open out the weak hand – selected Beijing news (focus): a month before the August 19th, 18 year old Shandong Linyi girl Xu Yuyu still immersed in the joy of the University, but on this day, she received a telephone fraud then, four hours, about to enter the university she cheated her parents to raise tuition fees 9900 yuan. On the way home from the alarm, jade jade sudden cardiac arrest, unfortunately died. Xu fell into grief, and the scourge of telecommunications fraud has once again aroused strong concern of the community. The day before cracked, involving suspects were all arrested. Then these criminals, exactly what tricks the implementation of the telecommunications fraud? According to Xu Yuyu’s mother, Li Ziyun recalled, in August 19th she received a phone call at the beginning of 171, the other is a male, Mandarin with a foreign accent. When the phone is just on the other side did not introduce their identity, but asked her family is not a college? Jade jade mother said, after getting his own answer, the other party claiming to be the Bureau of education, there is a grant to pay. Jade mother received the phone is suspect Zheng Xiancong played in the past, they were the fraud dens in a rented room in Jiujiang, Jiangxi. Jade jade mother received a phone call that day did not understand, but Zheng Xiancong did not want to give up the opportunity for fraud, he asked to find jade jade answer the phone. Jade called "board of education" after Zheng Xiancong, Zheng Xiancong in accordance with the pre prepared lines of deception. He said he was a certain education bureau, there is a grant to be issued, if you want to receive, you have to contact with the Finance Bureau, then Zheng Xiancong put another person’s phone to tell her. Xu Yuyu will then call the so-called "Financial Bureau staff Chen Wenhui, Fujian Anxi people, Chen Wenhui is the principal case, the whole process of the implementation of fraud are in the planning of the organization. Chen Wenhui Wen Yuyu number is how much, jade jade reported out. It is understood that Chen Wenhui asked this number, Zheng Xiancong told jade, and in fact this number is the suspect himself compiled. The reason why the fraudsters to the victim number, the purpose is to identify the identity of the victim. Since the telecommunications fraud is usually gang crime, the upper reaches of the fraud in the initial success, the victim will be compiled a number, and the number to tell the downstream. In this way, with this number, the whole gang can identify the identity of the victims of fraud. The suspect will report the victim’s name, school and other related information, in order to obtain the victim’s trust. So, what are the student information held by cheaters? According to Chen explained that the information 50 Fen a. At first, he bought 800 or so tried the authenticity, and later bought some. But the survey found that the public security organs, since June this year, Chen Wenhui contacted by QQ, has 10 times the purchase from Shandong to the city of many tens of thousands of college entrance examination information, and through Alipay paid more than 14 thousand dollars. There inside.相关的主题文章:

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