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Secret Sichuan Ranger Ranger: each Ranger is hard (Figure) – Sohu news WCC reporter followed Songpan police patrol Maoergai prairie sunset, to Maoergai grassland covered with a layer of golden coat. There is a long flat between the col, the horseshoe India, this is Songpan police patrol footprint. In September 20th, when the WCC reporter and the RCMP gradually in-depth grassland hinterland, due to "wilderness survival" program is known as wild master Baer? Greer, the same day a low-key appearance in Aba, experienced a single plank bridge, grasping the snake to eat snakes field survival challenge. But compared with a strong team behind Baer, rangers in such harsh natural conditions, even more difficult. Xunshan, more sinister than the horse thief is encountered dark swamp cloth, wolf lurks, vulture accompanied by stone big hail sudden, these can instantly make people and animals. At an altitude of three or four km altitude, heavy snow blocked the road in a world of ice and snow in the die, withstand the extreme cold and lonely wilderness and sometimes make people desperate hunger…… As players Chen Ming said: "every time patrol is hard." In the face of the impasse, with a Zanba, a sleeping bag, a rifle and a horse, the players continue to hold on a plateau, keep the peace. Today, the reporter approached to Songpan Rangers, experience their "wilderness survival story". Survival only eat Zanba food one day early in the morning of September 19th, Maoergai Xiang began to rain. Maoergai area outside the police station, Hong Bo Tashi mouth puckered. "Take more clothes, it is going to snow this estimate." Team Du Jiezu carrying three plastic bag, walked over, pocket is butter, cheese and barley, "enough, director?" Tashi Hong Bo weighed the poke pocket, nodded. Du Jiezu said, put food in his pocket, is used to do in the mountain is only Zanba, rations. Noon, team rest. Du Jiezu picked up a stack of firewood from his pocket, lit the fire, we sat together, the kettle to fire for warmth. Du Jiezu took the butter, cheese and barley, with hot water and a pinch, Zanba, handed everyone, ten people drink a tea, eat zanba. Du Jiezu took a Zanba handed reporters a taste of "well, this is what I do, eat a piece of one day." The reporter saw, like Zanba cake, bite off a piece, his mouth is full of powder, some greasy, hard to swallow. See reporters do not adapt to the face, Du Jiezu face embarrassment, players Chen Ming laughed, "the last time I ate inside you, and I did not eat for two days!" "That’s because there’s no hot water bubble." Du Jiezu was in a hurry. Chen Ming patted on the shoulder of the kettle, said the most terrible on the prairie, in fact, not hungry, but water. "If there is enough hot water, you can soak a pot of tea, drink, three days can not eat". The wolf wolf calls around the "fear that they" at night the team came to the Maoergai ground — more than 4000 meters above sea level near Mount La zi. Yuntao here相关的主题文章:

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