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By , April 19, 2018 3:03 am

The first Sanya sports family Carnival started in October 1st — Hainan window — Sanya first sports family Carnival started in October 1st in the country stadium. Sanya’s first sports carnival prepared a variety of children’s badminton and other indoor sports activities. Hainan window Sanya on 30 September, 3 days of the first Sanya sports family Carnival will be the curtain in Sanya Guoxing sports club in October 1st, will be held during the exhibition, Kung Fu Panda animation studios, 3D exhibition, parent-child badminton, athletics and other large indoor sports bilingual parent-child parent-child carnival, let Sanya children and parents spend a full of sports fun day festival. It is reported, sponsored by Sanya sports club Sanya Guoxing family Carnival in Sanya is one of the first sports fitness activities, through the existing stadium badminton hall, archery hall and other functions of loved pavilion design fun family activities, combined with the cultural exhibition project, with the "play" the combination of sports and sports fitness awareness, increase the children and their parents. Communication through sports carnival activities, carry out and promote national fitness activities, to create a new brand theme for the sports carnival. "Children are the basis of national fitness, so that children and parents feel the fun of parent-child sports, develop the habit of physical exercise." Sanya Guoxing Sports Club General Manager Song Jingshen said, Sanya entertainment, science class Carnival activities emerge in an endless stream Sports Carnival activities, but is still a blank field in Sanya. The club will try to combine sports and parent-child health education, to create a new theme of Sports Carnival brand, to make up for the Sanya sports carnival. (Chen?) (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章:

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