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By , April 16, 2018 11:26 am

Sa Beining ridicule elderly onlookers CCTV Oprah wits – Sohu entertainment Sa Beining "flicker" Nigel Maiti experiment options Sohu entertainment news yesterday, a large scientific experimental program "! To the future ushered in the ninth phase of the broadcast. Sa Beining and Nigel Maiti respectively to the host and guests appeared on the show love to kill, bicker constantly, make the audience laugh. Is never too big to watch "the netizen said" well then tear tear, loud, can you love CCTV host bickering." Oprah Sa Beining battle of wits "tongue" interaction of Nelson Sa Beining and hung fancy child Nigel Maiti love to kill, can be said that throughout the program. Program at the beginning, Sa Beining was "not handsome thinks he is handsome as Nigel Maiti played in scientific experiment;" how to increase the adsorption capacity of vacuum cleaner "link, face cleaner sucking bowling, Nigel Maiti gives the rolls of plastic carton forming low pressure field" answer, Sa Beining is "cold face" ridicule "who came to" come on! To the future, the guests, in the first five minutes, all of his life will know all the scientific definition of all run out." In need of guests witnessed the experiment, Sa Beining also repeatedly shouted: "experiment is one of the four one person go up, so the four of you negotiate, we will ask Nigel Maiti to go?" Let Nigel Maiti cry. Sa Beining is still Nigel Maiti to another group of Iraq for help in the experiment to help her press the button, the strength of the knife, you think Iraq one press behind no one control, the total switch in my hand!" Cause the audience laughed. Nigel Maiti "revenge" Sa Beining urged small and eat "arsenic" a new round of part of the answer, Nigel Maiti began to seize the opportunity to fight back to Sa Beining. The inclined plate wall in the experiment, when Sa Beining stepped inclined board verified answers, and eventually the foam board blocked and failed, Nigel Maiti immediately identify opportunities against the army will be a "play", suddenly when refueling! The role of the future "to the host," Sa Beining shouted applause to select the correct answer, but the face is C foam board over Sa Beining that time is still in the state of razzle dazzle muttered "my mouth still? I went to kiss a foam board that had been painted". "Rocket and solid fuel in the experiment, Sa Beining opened the front of the jar -" taste ", when Sa Beining opened B tank before open taste, Nigel Maiti immediately shouted" arsenic "two words, let Sa Beining dumbfounding, and on the introduction of C cans of orange powder, Sa Beining explained" from 70s and 80s every family had ", Nigel Maiti, the rapid pace of" I told you is not a good time ", again to regain a bureau. Nelson micro-blog finished recording "proposed" two love Sa Beining kill fierce also let many users attention, more people will show two interesting interactive upload screenshots of micro-blog, such as Sa Beining "boast my ass Alice more," Nigel Maiti Tucao "is that your pad, Nigel Maiti is the deep love of natural black Sa Beining expressed admiration," I think a few gas "! Xiang xiang!相关的主题文章:

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