Russia deployed 4 fighter pilot training China frame top 35 Su – Sohu accounted for half of the Mili ca1806

By , November 14, 2017 10:05 pm

Russia deployed 4 fighter pilot training China frame top Su 35 half – Sohu military channel map information: prior to the Russian aviation website published a group of photos, photos of Russian Soviet 35 fighter (No. 01, No. 02 and No. RF-90719, No. RF-90720) is a large-scale training. In October 18th, the defense quoted the Russian news, reported that Russia deployed 2 Sukhoi -35S fighters to Moscow in zhukovskiy Gromov flight Institute, in that the Chinese pilots Su -35 flight training. In zhukovskiy "blue 89", Su -30M2, the Moscow is in late autumn. As winter approaches, pilots from the southern part of the country will have to keep warm…… However, the 2 Soviet -35S to Ru koves Ki for more than a week after the flight did not seem to start training. And in recent days, Russia has deployed 2 Su -30M2 to zhukovskiy. It is believed that these Su -30M2 will also be used for Chinese pilots Su -35 flight training. As far as training is concerned, it is more reliable and reasonable to use the adaptive training of combat trainer to assist -35 real machine operation. The northern defense noted that Su -30M2+ Su -35S training model is actually being used by the Russian air force. Although the predecessor of Su -30M2 is China’s su -30MKK MK2 multirole fighter, but the Russian first purchase its primary objective is as Su -35S supporting combat trainer. Su -35S before the official service, the Soviet Union -30M2 has to go to the army for pilot training. At present, the Russian Air Force Equipment Su -35 troops are equipped with a 4-5 supporting Su -30M2. It also produced a doubt, from Russian Su -30M2 for Chinese Su -35S will affect their military training? On the North defense information should not be. The United zhukovskiy "blue 89", and "blue 90" is the Russian military procurement of 16 Su -30M2 in last 2, in April this year has just delivered. Needs to be emphasized is that the "blue 89", and "blue 90" is also su Komsomolsk -30MK production line third, 4. There are media in this figure on the map of the Soviet Union -35S whether our pilots, but in fact, this figure is not shot at the end of. At present, the Su -35S arrived in Zhukovsky has not been taken to climbing party. This 2 Su -30M2 should be served in the Russian Air Force Aviation Division twenty-seventh hybrid thirty-eighth fighter aviation regiment, Crimea "return", the regiment was transferred to Crimea to strengthen local military forces. And the regiment is not equipped with Su -35S, but the equipment Su -27SM, so there is no impact on the Soviet Union -35S troops training problems. Interestingly, these are su -27SM Su -35S replaced over to thirty-eighth fighter aviation regiment in the army.相关的主题文章:

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