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By , November 16, 2017 4:16 am

Regulation of telecommunications fraud all positive action five strokes to improve safety awareness – Sohu in Beijing in September 22, news (reporter Lu Junyu) in recent years, the telecommunications network model of illegal crime intensified, into the rapid growth trend of the spread, has become a social nuisance, especially in Xu Yuyu after the incident, but also caused public outrage. Public opinion on ferreting out the illegal and criminal activities has spread the crux, strongly called for further implementation of regulatory responsibility, increase the intensity of rectification. Regulation of telecommunications fraud governance parties force moves the telecommunications network fraud, to law enforcement agencies, network service providers, telecom operators, banks and other business organizations collaboration, using a variety of technical, economic and legal means, precise measures and policies, an antidote against the disease. The parties are actively moves, force blocking wire fraud rampant. On the morning of 20, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps, the opening of the only one "the Ministry of public security governance to combat telecommunications network crime model check and control center. It is understood that the current "control center" has frozen national accounts involved more than 40, the freezing of funds of 100 million yuan in 11; 20 at 8 pm, 63 telecommunications network fraud suspects (Taiwan, 50 people, 13 people) by the public security organs escorted home from Kampuchea. It is understood that since last November, the Ministry of public security to combat telecommunications network crime special overseas, destroyed dens 65, captured 1168 suspects (Taiwan 347), solved more than 3300 cases, involving 710 million yuan; 21, the telecommunication network model of criminal cases of the freezing of funds return, China China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a document, the public security organs, the requirements of banking institutions to freeze the funds have been identified, the timely return of the masses of the people, to the scene for the completion of the site should be handled, the site can not be completed, should be completed in three days; the China Telecom has recently put up a real user does not accelerate the layout of progress, October began batch of non real name (including fixed telephone and mobile phone) single stop processing (only score can’t play), before the end of November for all non real name users into the phone Line double stop processing (can not be scored or not). Compared with the previous schedule, the progress of more than six months ahead of schedule. It is expected that the regulation of telecommunications fraud parties will also be under the more fierce drug". As long as the continuing crackdown, the formation of deterrence, unremittingly, linkage, coordination between departments selves, telecommunications fraud in the grassroots effort to eradicate breeding ground, telecommunications fraud will eventually not survive. Five strokes to raise awareness of the face of an endless stream of telecommunications fraud means, we always remember: no matter what kind of criminal means, the ultimate purpose is to cheat money. We need to be vigilant and to raise awareness of safety when we mention the requirements of remittances. Basically follow the following five principles, you can effectively guard against: first, do not greedy small cheap. Do not easily believe that winning, interest free loans, tax rebates, Car Buying scholarships and other information, keep a clear mind, avoid to be deceived. Two is to manage the password. Do not tell the bank card, security authentication tool password to others. Avoid setting up simple passwords related to personal data相关的主题文章:

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