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[reading] comedy happy "bugs hilarious comic" bugs capture – Sohu mother read "hilarious hilarious joy bugs bugs to catch frame comic" by 1980 a wide expanse of mist-covered waters when I received this set of 10 volumes of "hilarious comic" bug frame grabbing, immediately grabbed the son see especially happy laughter, from time to time to. And I also continue to share the comedy, funny place recently, finish the homework every day, love to see before going to sleep this comic book. This comic book produced by Shenzhen nunnery culture, from the picture is really very beautiful, colorful, vivid image. The whole book cut cartoons wonderful screen, coupled with the post production of the dialog box, text design to help readers better understand the content of this comic story. Before writing this article, specifically to find out "hilarious" bugs in the first quarter of the video to see for a long time, although the whole animation is no dialogue, but the music is wonderful. Follow up the different emotional color according to the contents of different background music, let the whole animation very funny, no dialogue but also highlight the bursting point. Like comic books, animation version is divided into different fragments of the plot, each episode less than 2-3 minutes or so, high-definition picture quality laugh, always can not stop people. This part of the first season "hilarious comic" bug grip frame reduction highlights this animated short stories. A simple explanation: grasping the frame is to select the animation of the video version of a frame as an image, grasp the frame version of the cartoon images are selected from the animation, and the ordinary cartoon is a picture of the author. This is to grasp the characteristic of frame comic, the best reduction of the animated version of the picture design together with the late text and dialog box, make up the comic version of no animated version of the background music of the shortcomings, increase text on the expansion of the function, there will be no dialogue animation version made with dialogue, onomatopes or action words that is more suitable for reading the paper. Parents are not afraid of their children because of watching more electronic products, see the bad child’s eyes, and can read many times. Each book contains 10 stories, each story is independent, there is no continuity, random reading a book does not affect the understanding of reading. The protagonist is two fat, fleshy worm, yellow is Huang Xiaohan, red is red small downtown, there are other insects are colors with different personalities, such as purple slugs, pink powder, small adorable snail, green brown, black beetle beetles. Bullying is being bullied by the relationship between them, a weird, love Shuaxiao smart, with a friend, I wish you love. Living in the sewers every day is so fast, really let people admire, admire the author’s ideas, not the simple things in life, in the world of insects are fun. A dripping ice cream liquid can also let the worms to snatch, several pieces of pasta can also let Huang Xiaohan and red small downtown sewer playing, aquarium goldfish mess becomes so they can meet. The author is to catch bugs and features of these emergencies the bursting point, people couldn’t help laughing, is really a good idea and style, no wonder it is so popular in korea. Wednesday, November 9, 2016.相关的主题文章:

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