Queensland boys in the game to build a point of praise of his alma mater users said baxia

By , November 19, 2017 1:04 am

The Queensland boys in the game "build" a mater of users point of praise in the game called the odd Hu Yuxin construction of Kunming University of Science and Technology campus network recently, a "in the game to build their own alma mater" video has attracted everyone’s attention. The video display is a student at the Kunming University of Science and Technology, 3 months of work – he used "my world" (MineCraft) of the game, "built" many buildings of the Kunming University of Science and Technology, the reduction degree is very high, very realistic. The game inspired architectural inspiration, "powerful, direct and queensland!" "Expert, too fast!"…… This is called a Kunming University of Science and Technology student in the game to build his alma mater, the video caused widespread concern and forwarding, users have point praise. Video display, is the virtual world of Kunming University of Science and Technology campus in Chenggong, but the building is very realistic: libraries, teaching buildings, roads, ponds, trees, flower beds…… High degree of reduction of the building, and the color of the entity is basically the same. Red teaching building brick walls, red and green library, gray tiles, blue road…… In addition to tall buildings, but also the reduction of the details, including deceleration with small pool, the road on the roadside, teaching upstairs railing and so on, the real campus image is captured. Kunming University of Science and Technology in the game, from the Kunming University of Science and Technology, School of electrical engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, senior student Hu Yuxin hand. He said that just started playing, I did not expect to cause so much attention. Hu Yuxin is a handsome boy, self deprecating engineering techniques". In September last year, he came into contact with my world. Is a survival game, most of the people are playing to dig, I play is building a house, just starting to build simple houses." After 2 months, Hu Yuxin suddenly wanted to build his own school in his own game. Do it now, he took the real buildings on campus, a time to sit in front of the computer, start looking at the picture, a piece of land together. After the end of the study, he will continue to just start to fight, there is no idea, often fight and demolition, the proportion is not." Hu Yuxin said. I do not know how many times after demolition, he gave up. But, by chance, he saw a game plug-in in my world game forum, the use of this plug-in, you can build a large scale in the game. "After downloading the plugin, I started the school again. With this tool, it is convenient for many, a few walls can be built, but some shape or have to write their own procedures to improve." In order to build a building in the game, Hu Yuxin more than and 10 times to check the physical construction, and take pictures from different angles, to return to the dormitory, and looked at the picture with memories, build a school library, teaching building, at the beginning, all my classmates think he do too boring, but he still happiness within. In February of this year, basically do a good job, because there is no time, just do the teaching area of about 40%, from the school library to the twin towers, a total of 9 buildings, according to the proportion of 1:1.5." Hu Yuxin said: after the building has been lost without it. Until the beginning of October this year, I put the game in a school visit"相关的主题文章:

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