Pu Jinhui’s cronies daughter go on the back of the school South Korean Ministry of education will in dataload

By , November 14, 2017 10:02 pm

Pu Jinhui’s cronies daughter go on the back of the school? The Korean Ministry of education to investigate new network new network – 28 in October, according to Yonhap news agency, recently, in the park along the hard work of political cronies Cui rumors raise a Babel of criticism of occasion, the South Korean Ministry of Education announced that 28 from 31 onwards, to open the door to Cui Shunshi accused Jeong daughter admitted to Ewha Womans University to carry out special inspection work. The South Korean Ministry of Education said, will invest more than 10 auditors, of Ewha Womans University’s enrollment, sports students attendance and performance management to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The survey is expected to last a week or so. Earlier reports pointed out that Cui Shunshi daughter Jeong 2015 to equestrian specialty students admitted to Ewha Womans University. Although she submitted the information required for the attendance does not meet the requirements, some of the subjects did not even submit information, but also successfully get through the gap. In this regard, the students because of dissatisfaction with the school degree transactions, held a joint movement, requiring the president to resign. The students believe that the school ignored the feelings of students, unilaterally betray the reputation of the school, to advance the "degree and money" transactions, the destruction of the school’s good style of study. The school explained that this is to have the ability to accept higher education and academic qualifications are not high school staff to provide educational opportunities for students to misunderstand the original intention of the school. 19 this month, South Korea Ewha Womans University President Cui Jingji announced his resignation, took 2 years, she became the school’s 130 year history, the first to resign during the term of the president.相关的主题文章:

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