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By , November 19, 2017 1:03 am

Pregnant this thing, don’t you think so difficult – maternal Sohu with the accelerated pace of life, work and life pressure increase, coupled with the outbreak, various pollution have to say, the probability of infertility now increased significantly, in addition to the embryonic development is not good, natural abortion, embryo, biochemical phenomena is beyond count. Met, naturally unavoidable sad. So how can we avoid these problems and successfully conceive a healthy baby? Pregnancy, the most important point, the mind must put peace, don’t give yourself too much pressure, I believe that many pregnant mothers will tell you this, this is the experience of predecessors, all ready before conception, then go to meet the baby’s arrival. In addition to relax, we will prepare the following points: 1, health indicators are normal before going to have children, must go to the hospital to do a comprehensive examination before pregnancy, check the mother’s body function is suitable for pregnant, not only mom and dad also want to check, eugenic five must be done, such as abortion, stop education history of pregnancy preparation, should carefully check the relevant project. Comprehensive examination before pregnancy can advance check gene, chromosome, genetic disease and a series of potential risk of pregnancy, do early prevention, early treatment, to ensure the healthy body of pregnancy, ensure the health of the fetus. 2, the law of life and rest without bad habits. Before pregnancy, parents must remember smoking prohibition, the law of life, to ensure adequate sleep, good mood, such as the preparation of pregnancy have a fever, illness, medicine, suggest pregnancy back three months, such as a bottle or injection of antibiotics that prepare pregnant delayed half a year. 3, exercise moderate exercise can improve the chances of conception. One has many years of infertility mother a is sharing her pregnancy experience: before pregnancy, I was almost a valetudinarian, weak, empty, all the way from the north to the south to toss also faced serious resistance The climate does not suit one. straight down. Since I knew after he husband does not allow real medicine, so hard against illness only, so all kinds of cold, heat, oral ulcer, cough, have a fever, once a month, once a week, never give up. But in order to no longer bear the pain of torture, but also in order to have a healthy body to meet the baby, began the morning run. Six, every morning run, 3-5 times a week, every thirty minutes, probably to two months after the body resistance can be improved evidently, never had a cold, and the husband continuously up to a year or so, well conceived baby. The body is a stick, climbing shopping are especially strong, work spirit, thinking more active more energetic, so, prepare pregnant mothers, if possible, must adhere to exercise. A variety of ways to increase the chance of pregnancy 1, ovulation test ovulation test ovulation test using state, usually in Qiangyang the chance of pregnancy will be higher. During the 1 pregnancy can eat folic acid, folic acid, folic acid helps prevent fetal malformation, but some people say that can improve the chance of pregnancy, a good bestie me, she took folic acid for five months and then!相关的主题文章:

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