Port heat on The Belt and Road opportunities in improper brave to go out in the new network winbook

By , November 14, 2017 10:05 pm

Port heat on The Belt and Road opportunity: the improper brave to go out – Beijing Youth sing "friendship" The Belt and Road plan theme song. (source: "Ta Kung Pao" photo by Cai Wenhao) "now young people in Hongkong are often in a subjective way to the problem, rarely from someone else’s point of view, I hope young people go to other countries to exchange, empathy, respect, tolerance, responsibility," to love yourself, love the family, love the country. "." The Hongkong committee chairman Peng Yunxi recently attended the "civic education seminars The Belt and Road will have high hopes for the presence of the young students in Hongkong speech. "The Belt and Road initiative, not only let Hongkong this" super contacts have more display their platform, but also to the Hongkong young people provides new opportunities for development. Hongkong bookstore, we often see young people holding "The Belt and Road" books to read. In November 6th, Hongkong’s first lecture to college students as the target audience "The Belt and Road" in anticipation of the party. The lecture will be invited to the national Ministry of Commerce in Hong Kong Trade Department is responsible for senior researchers and the Hongkong Trade Development Council on Hongkong college students "knowledge and progress of The Belt and Road". All opportunities from the dare to do Hongkong TDC research director Guan Jiaming "The Belt and Road" vividly likened to a traditional Chinese medicine prescription "in the lecture, the traditional metaphor for" western economic cooperation mode". Different from western medicine prescription instructions and clear, "The Belt and Road" more like traditional Chinese medicine, with more free space for development, and Hongkong is "can help the prescription written a more precise". Among them, the role of young people indispensable. The atmosphere of the meeting is rich, the students listen carefully and take notes. After nearly 200 students to the organizer’s future star students will be sent to the e-mail, tells the story of his understanding and thinking of The Belt and Road "initiative. City University Hong Kong information management professional students in the fourth grade Tang Yutong said: "now the young Hongkong has become the most active and social core elements, more in the" The Belt and Road ‘opportunity comes to play an important role." Chinese University Hong Kong School of law, the fifth grade student Zhang Xinyi also said: "in China go out at the same time, we can not be complacent in. If we do not want to participate in, do not want to cooperate, will gradually be marginalized." The second grade students of City University Hong Kong social work professional Deng Yingmin said: "young people have time and energy to develop their infinite possibility, as the coordinator, builders, Ambassador of cultural exchange, but also in their challenge to break the inherent safety zone. The most precious youth is brave, brave to go out all the opportunities to dare to do. Even if it’s just a friendship ambassador, you can play well." A creative journey is reported that the day of the seminar will be organized by the Hongkong Youth Exchange Group will be the future of the stars. The lecture will be online free registration for the public recruitment of students in Hongkong, nearly 500 college students to sign up. In addition to organizing lectures, hosting)相关的主题文章:

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