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By , November 14, 2017 10:04 pm

Please unlock new occupation: real estate analyst – broadcast – Beijing Locke network                  : analyst occupation positioning;     management of the whole process of 1 real estate development process;       & nbsp; 2; real estate project marketing planning and execution operation;         analysis of online operations, data of 3 real estate and the Internet combined;         analysis of the valuation of 4 financial sector involved in the real estate industry investment;         5 of the real estate industry professional policy research market research, product research,         at present, Chinese is in a shift of growth point, high growth era has gone for ever. The typical form of China’s growth shift, from the real estate long cycle inflection point appears. After the demographic dividend, people continue to migrate to big cities. When people continue to migrate to big cities, the first line of real estate sales have no land, the performance of the rise in prices and the king’s reproduction.         the real estate industry and enterprises to enter the fine stage of development, more and more professional personnel, analysis is the basis of all decisions, analysts are the key technical personnel!         NPC [legend analyst occupation tutor]         China, vice president of real estate association in Chinese board chairman Zhou Xinru said:         "in the real estate industry should have analysts prices. As long as the professional, very familiar with the industry, in this industry is very professional, can become a very stable so many people happy. Information transparency and professional standards, and home is a very big thing in life. Today, the Chinese industry has more than one area, called real estate analyst. I hope this can bring an occupation role for the real estate industry, when people buy wards to provide more professional support."         analyst occupation elite epic NPC] [        vice president of Chinese real estate industry association and the Secretary General Feng Junru said:         China "of the real estate market is gradually matured, the internal rules of the market to the market in Ming Dynasty相关的主题文章:

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