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By , November 19, 2017 1:05 am

The average wage of 70% pension payment base — financial shortage — original title: pension payment base salary 70% average shortage of human resources and social security department recently released data show that in 2015 the average monthly pension insurance contribution base is 3319 yuan, still less than 70% year of urban employment actual monthly wage income. Experts said that the interests of the insured payment and disconnect led to the lack of enthusiasm is one of the important reasons, proposals to perfect the incentive pay more for much, and change the current payment base to determine, unified payment of wages and approved by individual units to pay wages. Data show that in 2015 the enterprise pension insurance individual payment collection income increased from 364 billion 100 million yuan in 2010 to 772 billion 800 million yuan in 2015, an increase of 408 billion 700 million yuan, an average annual increase of 17.5%. Personal average payment base from 2010 to 2016 yuan per capita monthly increase in the month of 2015 per capita of $3319, an average annual growth of 10.1%. It is worth noting that, due to the heavy burden of social security contributions and the system itself is not strong attraction and other reasons, some of the insured units tend to reduce the real burden of payment by understating the payment base etc., resulting in two social insurance "name" and "actual" rates exist. 2015, the city’s basic old-age insurance for urban workers to pay a base of 39828 yuan, in 2014 the average wage of urban units employment was $56360. Because that year’s social security contributions are more than the average annual wage as a base, that is to say, the actual social security contribution base is roughly 70% of the average wage per unit of employment. Social security research center of Central University of Finance and Economics director Zhu Fuling told the economic reference news "reporter, according to estimates, the average number of payment of wages in 2015 of the national basic pension insurance for the national average wage employment units 64.21%, projections in the endowment insurance unit to pay 20% of the fee rate, the actual unit fee rate is about 12%-13%. In accordance with the existing regulations, in principle, the pension payment unit to pay the total amount of workers as the base payment. The so-called total wages of workers, refers to the units in a certain period of time to pay directly to the unit’s total remuneration of all workers. However, due to China’s endowment insurance system incentive is not perfect, the principle of multi payment is not really set up. The world social security research center China academy director Zheng Bingwen once said: "at present, China’s old-age insurance payment and interest show disjointed problem, system design complexity, the insured person do not know now pay to retirement to get back much. Therefore, in the actual rate below the prescribed rate, the actual payment base less than real base pay etc. are frequent, in order to pay less, many business owners and employees often collusion narrow base pay". Increase in pension fund sustainability pressure, even in parts of defict is under pressure, all localities have introduced measures to strengthen the collection, to prevent leaking, incentive employee pension insurance pay more". Heilongjiang Province, such as the implementation of the fingerprint identification of retired workers, adhere to the "no certification, stop hair", to prevent the risk相关的主题文章:

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