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By , April 17, 2018 8:54 am

Pengjiang 7 cars parked overnight in the broken window into the slag this morning, Ms. Deng told reporters the public rebellion, said her car last night parked in the District of Pengjiang Yingbin Avenue Road, the morning found: the car glass was smashed and malicious, she also experienced several vehicles. When the car was smashed glass reporters rushed to the scene, several police are investigating the scene. Reporter Wen Wenyue reporters: "now is located in Pengjiang District Yingbin Road metered parking spaces, there are many car smashed visible scene, also left the floor of the glass fragments. According to the police, there are seven cars in gelsenkirchen." According to Ms. Deng, she was driving a Nissan brand car, the first night, she will be the car parked in the area in front of the parking spaces over the morning found the car right behind the windows were broken. Deng immediately check the car belongings, found that there is nothing less. Owner Deng: "over my cabinet, no loss is the loss of the windows, trouble. If you want to repair the more than and 200 do not report insurance, if the insurance report next year to more than 600 yuan, is not very cost-effective." Also smashed the windows of Mr. Shaw told reporters, his car was bought for less than a year in the near future, this road has second car windows smashed. The owner Mr. Shaw: "my car is parked here last month was once, because the road above there is no monitoring to see if there is no opportunity to decorate the monitor may be safe for a bit, not these people so rampant." Reporters noted that the car glass smashed, is exactly the same modus operandi, also is the rear window is broken, and a corner of the window had been prised. Currently, the police have been involved in the investigation.相关的主题文章:

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