The UAV flying hand secret arena a monthly income of twenty thousand rough scale be nothing difficul-k9084

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The UAV flying hand secret arena: a monthly income of twenty thousand large-scale UAV flying be nothing difficult rough hands hidden lakes: a monthly income of twenty thousand scale practice be nothing difficult, bumpy drone fly hand UAV fly hand UAV UAV fly fly hand hand [IT] income open bar language industry has been the most revolutionary spirit in the 360 row field with the increasingly improved, production tools, producers are also advancing occupation identity, "Tech people" by the rolling efficiency of traditional industries, the relations of production with the wisdom of remodeling, is used to open the next door to the diversified cultural imagination. Southern Metropolis Daily launched "T ECH new human" series, from the birth of a new occupation a glimpse of the future of the road, they may in the barbaric growth sometimes encounter no restrictions of any kind, touch the bottom line, cold and questioned, even hostile, but the wheel of history always toward correction, fusion, deepening, and into the future. If you see a man dressed in civilian clothes, Tan pure chocolate, a handheld remote controller overlooking the front — this is probably a drone pilot in the wilderness outside (commonly known as "flying hand"). Compared to the manufacturers in C E S, IF A and other consumer electronics show various bright cool performances, fly the hand of their working environment occupation is generally in sparsely outside. Although with the UAV UAV flying hot hand has become a new "golden rice bowl", but in fact, compared with 100 thousand, domestic UAV sales in 2016 is expected to about 400 thousand of the practitioners, OP A, A A qualified S F C, U T C certification authority certificate "certificates" the pilots do not add up to 10 thousand people. One side is the blood of the sunrise industry, one side is the wild ecological industry, as a charged high speed flying machines, safety is always the UAV is not open around the topic, such as flying hands also like their kaijiangtuotu stragglers and disbanded soldiers. Nandu reporter recently in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hunan, Chenzhou and other places visited, aerial power inspection, plant protection and other fields of different flying hands, to understand how to see only a small part, the drone from a "toy", into a product of science and technology, and thus become a occupation. 1 aerial core is "shoot" the art value is priced from Asha graduated from Guangzhou Fine Arts Institute has been doing photography, four years ago with the motion of the camera, to assemble their own UAV, and later with the birth of the brand set up its own studio to do aerial photography, he went to the Canton Tower reporter about Bupai footage, this is propaganda film the most common lens of enterprises in Guangdong. Small white security rules of professional people instead of doing things in the morning just seven days ago, Nandu reporters and flying hand Asa and his party to the Canton Tower. "8 a.m. -10 is the best time to get the best shot at this point." Asha says. There is a head hand team, an assistant is responsible for the equipment, as well as a coordinator, this is a standard task every time they. To the top of the tower, equipped with the material began to work. Ascha hand-held remote control of a inspire1R A W God, another hand shot on PTZ control相关的主题文章:

Small separation screenwriter This is the best children’s books – Sohu maternal and child-liuxiaobo

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"Farewell" screenwriter: This is the best children’s books – Sohu TV series "little maternal separation" has been the perfect ending. However, the drama of a number of different ways of family education and educational philosophy that we have been pondering. In fact, "farewell" Screenwriter’s daughter was YY rabbit small fans Oh ~ when she was eight years old learn to read "own – YY rabbit independent growth fairy tale", also wrote a lot of reading notes! Although more than a year later, but we can still have the tender words, feel her fairy tale world yearning, and joy of growth! At the same time, we can also appreciate the small author writers of her mother sincere love, and for her inner world understanding. So let’s look at what they are saying, He Qing, who graduated from the Department of literature, Beijing Film Academy in 1996. Currently Shanghai film group creative talent center screenwriter, the national two writers. Written by He Qing of the hit TV series "separation" had triggered a nationwide discussion, becoming the 2016 annual "phenomenal" TV series. Friends to send me a set of "learn to control their independent growth — YY rabbit fairy tale". I secretly sigh, my daughter Mei is eight years old, the book is "Harry Potter" and "Lindgren · fairy tales", now get YY rabbit is wasted? But the books arrived, the headline startled me — I thought is stupid bear fat pig, what, did not think it was the moon elves, little witch beans, live in a box of rabbit such a title, beautifully printed and illustrated particularly lively love. I secretly pondering, perhaps the previous concerns are unnecessary, the daughter may like it! Indeed, her daughter came back from school, saw this book shouted to rush over. After reading a book, she took a deep breath, happily said to me: nice look! See the full set of books after her daughter, also carefully wrote her book". A reading share: I love most is "Little Flower Fairy" want to be warm, because I want to be the flower fairy. This dream can not be achieved, only to see the small warm. Small warm in order to help other little girl, sacrificed her own dream. I sympathize with her. Small warm is a small Elven Kingdom, her biggest dream is to become a famous wizard. In order to pass the test of character of flower mother-in-law, cheeky little warm after numerous efforts. However, in the implementation of the last task, small warm but accidentally fell from the sky, in order to help a little girl dreams, small warm decided to reluctantly give their own dreams, but she believes that the flower fairy dream from her closer. "In my procrastination" cold sweats, but I am an impatient, if procrastination, and Su lazy to drag in, can be finished! Su Xiaolan is a little girl who works hard. One day, my mother really unbearable, incantation turns her to drag Su Xiaolan country, because delicious Potato Pancake was employed as a chef for the king, the kingdom of a potato meal. A week later相关的主题文章:

Overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurial base to start operating offshore – Shanghai Channel –w-inds.

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Overseas talent innovation base — Shanghai offshore operation channel — original title: start offshore overseas talent innovation base to start operations (commissioning editor: Tang Xiaoli, Xuan Zhao strong)相关的主题文章:

SONY PS VR new features immersive environment display mobile phone screen – Sohu digital-vy canis majoris

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SONY PS VR new features: immersive environment display mobile phone screen – Sohu digital is planning to use PS VR smartphone into a virtual reality device. SONY music entertainment in 2016 at the Tokyo games show on the release of a PS VR platform application AnywhereVR, the contents of the phone can be displayed on the screen to the immersive environment. Users do not need to remove the PS VR, you can view the message and application information. SONY music entertainment at the press conference shows a demo video. In the video, a female user came home from work, wearing PS VR, accompanied by background music into the beautiful environment. Subsequently, she picked up the phone in the real world, and the virtual world has appeared on the phone screen. Demonstration video display, the user can call friends in virtual reality, the use of Twitter and other applications, as well as playing games. It is not clear whether AnywhereVR supports all smartphone applications. Demo video display, this feature may only support some applications. The application of SONY AnywhereVR demo video shows that AnywhereVR cannot be fully replicated in the virtual reality environment mobile phone appearance and position. This is actually the user mobile phone interface in the virtual reality environment of the holographic projection. It is not clear whether the user will encounter navigation problems when using this feature. Video display, this feature applies to SONY’s brand of smart phones, but the company did not announce the specific phone model. SONY music entertainment has not confirmed whether AnywhereVR will be released outside japan. PS VR is not the first attempt to integrate with the user’s mobile virtual reality device. HTC Vive also supports mobile phone connection in the virtual reality environment, to help users avoid missed calls or missed messages.相关的主题文章:

Li Tiehong eat carrots in the summer to eat ginger, radish on this thing do not throw – Sohu

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Li Tiehong: eat carrots in the summer to eat ginger, radish on this thing do not throw – Sohu health today, and to share an easy article. After watching friends can make such a meal, enjoy the fun of food and life. As the saying goes: "eat carrots in the summer to eat ginger, do not prescribe prescription", "October radish small ginseng" and so on, radish can be described as a treasure. Radish, delectable flavor, cold. Ripe radish, sweet and warm. Into the lungs, spleen two. The effect of a lot of radish flat, slightly cold, with Qingrejiedu, Jianweixiaoshi, Huatanzhike, gas to facilitate, Shengjinzhike, Buzhong Ann dirty etc.. The phlegm cough aphonia, hematemesis, epistaxis, diabetes, diarrhea, headache, have a certain effect. The content of vitamin C in radish is much higher than that of ordinary fruit. It contains more vitamin A, B and calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Also has antibacterial, antifungal effect on Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, pneumococcus, Escherichia coli inhibited. Long term consumption of radish can also prevent gallstone formation. Radish who have a baby overlooked by many people, that is called radish leaf radish radish, vegetables, radish bar. Radish leaf nature pungent, bitter. Into the spleen, stomach two. The research showed that radish leaves contain a lot of carotene, every one hundred grams of vitamin A content is 1400IU, is three times more than the amount of broccoli 400IU; and the calcium content per one hundred grams contains 238 mg, 55 mg of spinach is more than four times; the iron content is five times of the eel, especially the leaf iron content in Northeast China female carrot is 22 times of eel; vitamin B1 than six vitamin B2 fermented black bean; is four times that of beef. From the above can be seen that the nutritional value of radish leaves amazing, but unfortunately few people use it as a garbage thrown. The effect of radish leaves a lot, attending Xiaoshi Qi, treating the chest and diaphragm fullness as well, without food stagnation, diarrhea, sore throat, swelling of the breast milk of women,. Containing high molybdenum, radish leaves so often take radish soup, can prevent myopia, presbyopia and cataract. So, radish, the whole body is treasure, winter is the best season to eat carrots. Li Tiehong introduction: Beijing East Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine doctor, the capital of famous traditional Chinese medicine experts special clinic department special expert. Graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, 20 years of clinical experience, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, good at dialectical therapy for the overall conditioning, especially good at diagnosis and treatment of Department of orthopedics, cardiovascular, gynecological, pediatric, skin diseases such as herpes. More consultation can focus on the WeChat public account of Dr. Li Tiehong or add personal micro signal beijinglitiehong, you can also go directly to the East Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (every Tuesday to Saturday visits), or Beijing Hotel C block 2 building in the capital famous Chinese medicine experts special clinic department visits (every Monday morning visits), must make an appointment in advance!相关的主题文章: