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Baijianlou, a bright pearl – the Sohu of Nanxun tourism here — the water sparkling water Muyu Zhaoyun, sparkling water, sparkling water field, sparkling water pond, sparkling spring grass, water sparkling water willows, sparkling water alley, Jingjing The Strip, crystal crystal lights, water Jingjing smoke, the water sparkling water town, Jingjing reflection. The water reflected the sparkling world! This is ah, here is my hometown a sparkling water! Nostalgia in the Crystal Palace ancient canal scattered its meandering, nestled in the green willows, gentle curved road, a stretch of the shore by row upon row of buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty near the river, lined up three fold, cloud type the Horsehead walls strewn at random, Pipa style gable vicissitudes of dark gray, the sky arcade coherence interlinked, arched door? The overlap interval in a ritual, and along the stone revetment, and export, for clothing?? water, wash rice and vegetables, schungite color in this way, the rain precipitation time the metamorphosis of a vivid picturesque scenery and beautiful scenery. If the pearl powder in the town throughout the southern, some people say: Travel Jiangnan ninety-nine, Nanxun is better than a walk, and where to Nanxun, do not look at baijianlou, then travel to Nanxun in vain. One hundred buildings located in Nanxun Town East River floor. Baijianlou east east bridge, north gate bridge. Hundreds of buildings along the river and built, about 400 meters. Speaking of baijianlou origin, and the Ming Dynasty libushangshu Dong (a sound bin), the ousted after back to Nanxun, and the grandson of Nanxun Bai Hua Jiajing Jinshi landlord Mao Kun’s granddaughter married. Meet the bride when the Mao Kun Dong Shangshu family house too spacious enough, sent to the Dong family matchmaker said, the woman has 100 dowry maid, you can’t stay home too. The old book say, I immediately made the 100 floor, home to you each have a maid. Was built by the river, Li Wu hundred, then called "baijianlou". "Jiangnan warm wind is less strict, Yanliang in September. Xi jade floor upstairs, and Crystal Palace cooperation." In the "Wuxing" in the "September night fifteen quatrains", baijianlou by Governor Yang Han character describes as a Crystal Palace, "Jiangnan Town is agree without prior without previous consultation," in a series of water sparkling platoon Fei sentence, became a memory of hometown Nanxun best described by Mr Xu Chi, like this have a good beginning and with the momentum of the poem. The Qing Dynasty poet Fang Xiong left "Zhuzhici" "uneven pressure?? streams, even long slab washing powder bag, gaan bead curtain Dang Yang spring wind, wave shadow pan baijianlou". When Fan Li Wu Shih went to persuade the king of Wu, different. They go along the waterway to Suzhou, through here, it was already late, all the rest. Beauty sitting close to the water, the heart murmur, want to go around, after being found, only quietly wiped tears washed onto the Zinfandel, given the journey. This is the name of the wash powder pocket". About beauty, there is a legend that Jin Cai embroidery, beauty makeup washed, so that the color gradually turned white. A dish of agricultural beauty washed?相关的主题文章:

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