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By , November 19, 2017 4:05 pm

Note that the "new car" note! Do not be fooled into – Sohu car in the 4S shop to mention a new car, a lot of friends have put an important effort to check the appearance of the vehicle as well as the interior, every detail is carefully checked. But the old driver to remind you that some important bills we do not let go. Today, the old driver for your inventory to mention the new car when you need to check the various parts and details, not to leave the shop only to find themselves negligence. Purchase invoice purchase invoice is an important basis for the purchase of vehicles and vouchers, computer six linked invoice. The first copy of invoice (purchase payment voucher, second units) (purchase units deducting tax deduction certificate, tax declaration (third) vehicle purchase tax levied units retained, four joint registration) (vehicle registration unit, five retained) United charge (certificate sales unit of account), sixth stub (sales unit retained). It is a record of Car Buying people, vehicle and vehicle price VIN code and other important information, when you are in the car on the card it has a very important role. Old driver to remind you that some sales will be sent to the gift on the invoice is not in accordance with the actual transaction price of the vehicle marked, it must be less than the actual price. The sales staff will be called "for your consideration" for you to save the purchase tax (tax = 11.7 of the price, the price low purchase tax will be less), but in fact in order to avoid state taxes, and when you were in the insurance only in accordance with the invoice marked price to keep the price. If after the loss of the dangerous condition of the vehicle accident, you know that the greedy little cheap. The certificate of the vehicle certificate car is another important document, but also on the car when the necessary documents. Only with a certificate of conformity with the national motor vehicle equipment quality and related standards. There is no "vehicle certificate" the car is not on the card, the card does not mean "pilfer" will not come into force, even if the owner to pay the insurance fee, will not take effect if the vehicle is stolen or robbed, the owners really have to swallow the bitter fruit of self. The old driver like to remind you some 4S shop not in the car after the timely delivery to provide the certificate, the certificate is explained in the bank guarantee pressure. So we asked 4S Car Buying shop to produce the certificate, if not immediately give you, need to specify what it can give you the Car Buying contract; if found qualified certificate printing fuzzy, it is recommended that you require the 4S shop to you to change a, so you have the card when it will be even more smoothly. The basic information of the vehicle is the basic information of the vehicle is clearly to inform you of the situation of the purchase of vehicle information, there is no basic vehicle information can not be shipped out of the vehicle. At the time of vehicle purchase surcharge and licensing, the relevant departments may require the approval of vehicle basic information table, if you find your car with the information in the table is not the same, will not give you the card. After the maintenance manual vehicle used for a period of time is to maintain, and the manufacturers will require consumers to in the maintenance cycle to the official 4S shop maintenance, so that we can enjoy the manufacturers to provide vehicle warranty service. Maintenance manual.相关的主题文章:

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