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By , April 17, 2018 8:58 am

No need to take medicine surgery, in addition to a cancer – Cancer Hospital of Harbin Medical University to carry out the neurolytic celiac plexus block for success (Liu Rui) for suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer is the most unbearable Cui aunt, is the pain of suffering. The day before, Kazakhstan pain tumor hospital medical intervention department deputy director Zou Huichao led the team to successful application of celiac plexus technology under the guidance of CT, only with a fine needle for the lifting of the pain by Cui aunt. Nearly 60 years of aunt Cui six months ago epigastric discomfort for medical treatment, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the doctor went to South Korea, the biliary stent implantation, then received radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but Cui aunt’s abdominal pain is not relieved, all dormitory ease, hardly wished to live., the dose of painkillers also gradually increased. Eventually she was attracted to Kazakhstan pain tumor hospital medical interventional radiology for help. After admission, the pain assessment with the deputy director of the Department of Zou Huichao, Cui aunt, the decision for the implementation of CT guided neurolytic celiac plexus block for. Through detailed examination and careful preparation, in support of the CT imaging department, deputy director of Zou Huichao through the CT guide positioning, fine needle puncture was used about 0.5 mm in diameter around the celiac plexus, then injected drugs that disrupt nerve conduction. Only 30 minutes, intraoperative Cui aunt felt pain significantly reduced, postoperative pain completely disappeared, and stop the use of painkillers, appetite, sleep, the spirit was improved significantly, the three day after operation was satisfactory. According to Zou Huichao, deputy director, CT guided celiac plexus destruction with small trauma, accurate range of damage, good analgesic effect. Only a fine needle diameter of about 0.5 mm, you can direct the celiac plexus and completely destroyed, especially suitable for malignant pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer and other causes of abdominal pain, part of the poor health of patients can also apply. It is reported that the comprehensive treatment of pain Kazakhstan tumor hospital medical interventional radiology focus on cancer, has launched a variety of minimally invasive techniques of analgesia, such as pain caused by bone metastasis, using the method of radiofrequency ablation or perfusion of bone cement to stabilize the bone structure, and can kill tumor cells in the lymph node metastasis caused by dirty or tumor tissue caused by oppression take the pain, to relieve the oppression of planting radioactive particles to relieve pain, the analgesic technique of cancer patients without the use of painkillers or only use a small amount of painkillers under the condition of better pain control, greatly improving the quality of life. This CT guided celiac plexus surgery, is the first high difficulty technology Kazakhstan pain tumor hospital medical intervention department carried out, marking the hospital pain treatment technology to a new level.相关的主题文章:

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