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By , April 19, 2018 3:08 am

Ningbo love team to go to Guizhou to support education per student places 1 hours robbed empty a people with children to watch "Guizhou trip" photos. Correspondent Jiang Xiaodong photo National Day holiday this year, Hu Zhaoxia love team of 38 people traveled to Guizhou Taijiang to support education student. Walking in the mountains, volunteers simply can not ignore the children’s feet on the simple shoes. Return the whole team for Ningbo, busy. Yesterday morning, Ningbo City, Beilun Xin Qi Hu dawn Begonia community party studio held "Guizhou Tour" photography exhibition in Beilun public swimming pool in the square, at the same time as the pair of love, their children far away some of the winter supplies store. 9 in the morning, the rain. Many people with children, carefully looked at every photo of the trip to Guizhou. A little girl looked up and asked, "Mom, why don’t they wear shoes?" Mom whispered, "that’s why we’re here today, let’s help them, OK?" The girl replied at once!" Volunteers responsible for the introduction of He Yafeng said that even if the child is wearing a down jacket in Taijiang, only a pair of sandals on his feet. The local old man said, because the guests went to Ningbo, the children have been "dressed up", weekdays barefoot really a lot. "Hundreds of Yuan little money, may be able to avoid the children out of school at home, perhaps a child a year rations, may be able to solve a child’s cotton padded shoes." Hu Zhaoxia said, seeing the winter is coming, want to give children a warm winter. Volunteer Wu Ningfen took his son komago to love bazaar, bazaar supplies of love (love donation) and Beilun calligraphers calligraphy love donation. After a trip to Guizhou, but also in primary school to do a better job of the sun. Beilun District experimental kindergarten kids also become "love assists", small voice recommend manual work, who can refuse? 10 years ago, Guizhou million people from Beilun to study, "prairie fire", yesterday the scene seemed condensed version of the "previously". It is understood that the national day trip to Guizhou, Hu Zhaoxia love team also "with" back to the 100 poor places, some of these children are orphans, single parent, even if the parents are still alive, family condition is extremely difficult. The problems they face are far more pressing than a warm winter. Volunteer Zhou Huanzhi told reporters that the 8:30 flea market opened, there are people to "grab", one pair is three or four. To the 9 point, want pair peers Beilun students already had no choice. At 10 in the morning, a girl holding her mother burst into tears. She wanted to help a child in Guizhou, but a little late, 100 places already looted. In order to appease the sad little girl, love the team of volunteers offered so that have a pair of places. Begonia community neighborhood committee director Fang Qiong said that the 100 places mainly from the visit of the 3 primary schools in Guizhou elected, then will gather some, anxious people anxious.相关的主题文章:

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