New York, Manhattan, 29 people were discharged from the explosion of no organization claimed respons-incubus

By , April 10, 2018 8:40 pm

New York Manhattan explosion injured 29 discharged no organization claimed responsibility – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to foreign media reports, local time 18 days, U.S. officials in New York city said, temporarily no organization claimed responsibility for the New York bombing, investigators are investigating the incident motivation, 29 people were injured in the explosion in have been discharged. New York police chief O’neal said, at least at this stage and no one or organization claimed responsibility. City Fire Chief Luo Ze said negore, 29 injured have been discharged, this is very good news. Mayor Bai Sihao said that the incident is still not aware of the motives, do not know the nature of. He said it would investigate all possible events and their relationship, but there is no concrete evidence. The governor of New York, Mo said before the bomb attack, and not related to international terrorism. Reported that the second devices found in a few blocks away, has been removed by the bomb squad, the police conducted a study. The investigators wanted to determine how it was made, and whether it was similar to the first explosive device. Authorities said there was no structural damage to the explosion. 17 pm local time, the United States, Chelsea, Manhattan District, a garbage bin suspected of being put on the explosive device, the explosion caused a total of 29 people were injured. Subsequently, the police found second suspected explosive device, but the device was removed, did not affect.相关的主题文章:

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