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By , July 25, 2018 3:55 pm

Legal Immigration to UK has always been a hot debate, especially after the inclusion of new rules and certain amendments which the government is planning to exercise from the .ing year. Some of these were headline news when they were announced, while others may have passed you by unnoticed. But many of them could have a permanent, lasting impact on the lives of millions of British citizens. These laws have been rumoured to change the way people perceive life in UK. Stricter Laws for the working population For the immigrants who have been working for the past five years and .e outside EU, the new legislation is nothing less than a nightmare. If you .e from outside the EU and youve been working here for more than five years, you must be earning more than 35,000 a year, or else you will be shipped off back to your country of origin. Considerable increase in the minimum wage The new legislation has also made considerable changes in the minimum wage rates. As per the new amendments the minimum wage for workers over the age of 25 will increase to 7.20 in April 2016, in the largest real-terms increase since 2007. The increase is part of a move toward a national minimum wage of 9 per hour by 2020. Gender Pay gap must be reported The new legislation makes it mandatory for the .panies to disclose the information about their Gender pay gaps. The exact details of the law are still being finalised, but campaigners are pushing for this information to be shared with workers and trade unions, rather than buried in semi-public end-of-year reports. As per the reports, overall average pay gap between men and women is currently 19.1%, and amongst part-time workers it is approaching 40% which is seen t be quite a challenge. Introduction of a new system of Pension The new legislation will also change the pension system. It will not be the same as we have known it so far. From April 2016, there will be only a single-tier pension. This will be a flat rate paid at 155.65 a week. This replaces the current, lower basic state pension of 115.95, but it also replaces secondary and additional pensions which would normally enable people to top up the basic rate. These amendments are sure to impact the lives of the citizens and the migrants who aspire to work in UK. Leverage the expert counsel of professional attorneys at Fusco Browne Immigration to tackle your issues related to migration to UK. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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