Net loan Sichuan student rob Peter to pay Paul off the pad

By , April 17, 2018 6:21 pm

Net loan Sichuan student rob Peter to pay Paul off the "pad" trap for funding is not adequate for college students, various campus class network loans into their needed funds "gas station". However, with the rapid development of online loans, some criminals have been staring at the "college students online loans", the implementation of fraud. A lot of students in Sichuan University of Science and Engineering in the process of online loans deceived. Although the amount of a single fraud does not seem high, but for students with no income sources, the loan proceeds of fraud, but also enough to make them in trouble. Yesterday, Zigong (micro-blog) police told the media informed of this online fraud against college loans. When college students cheated Loan Network 23 year old Lee classmates is Yunnan, now studying at the Sichuan University of Science and Engineering campus camp. Before, Xiao Li through the online elite loans, successfully loans to 15 thousand yuan of funds, and loan agreement, installment repayment. Subsequently, Xiao Li 7 installments to repay part of the loan, but there are no more than 11789 yuan. As a result of other reasons, Li would like to once again from the elite loan 30 thousand yuan. However, in order to two loans, he must first pay off the loan in accordance with the agreement. To this end, Xiao Li landing elite credit website, made a post how to two loans, the post, consult the relevant matters. Post sent out, and soon got a call Luigi Nono two strength mat also friends reply. "Luigi Nono’s two power pad also told Mike," can advance 12 thousand yuan of funds to pay off in his "first loan elite loans", and then to help him in the elite loan loan second times. However, the two Luigi Nono strength pad also told him that the $12 thousand to borrow in other platforms to borrow, and in addition to the repayment of $11789, the remaining $211 as a fee, to its all. See 12 thousand yuan net loan without interest within 7 days, but lending procedures are simple, Mike quickly and Luigi Nono two power pad also established QQ connection, and through the "Luigi Nono two power pad also known as" QQ "and the elite loans a two pad" understanding. Understanding the same day, elite loan two pad also through the loan treasure will be $12 thousand to lend money to Xiao li. Loans available, Li also could not happy, "Luigi Nono two power pad also told him," the 12 thousand yuan loan, he is "through internal channels to borrow", therefore, must first give him money, he paid for Li elite loan balance. Out of the two power pad also trust Luigi Nono ", Li honest put 12 thousand yuan loan all transferred to him by WeChat, Alipay etc.. Let Xiao Li did not expect that, after 12 thousand yuan of loans transferred out, Luigi Nono, the strength of the mat is also the two world evaporation, anyway, can not contact. Mike found deceived the police quickly reported to the case. Explanation: "get back to even" director "advance" scam Sichuan news network reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of artesian artesian well, during that time, the public security bureau continuously received two Sichuan University of Science and Engineering students alarm. After 20 days of careful investigation, police investigators in Tongjiang will be net name inquiry相关的主题文章:

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