Net explosive Lanzhou transportation administration law enforcement car van transport authorities re huangshexiaoshuo

By , November 19, 2017 1:06 am

Net explosive Lanzhou transportation administration law enforcement car van transport authorities respond to new network rumors – in China Gansu news network October 9th according to Western daily reports (chief reporter Intern Yang Peiyu Kim Bong dry) since October 2nd, a title for the posts of Lanzhou New District transportation administration department during the national day of violence law enforcement "spread on the Internet, also attached to the posts 3 vehicle damages and injuries photos, after the news spread online immediately attracted many users attention. In addition, there are people call the newspaper news hotline 8119000 to reflect this. In October 8th, the District of Lanzhou yunguanchu responded that this is not an ordinary traffic accident, and transportation management law enforcement officers drove into the car. In late October 2nd 6 pm, Mr. Sun people call the newspaper news hotline 8119000 to reflect that the gas station near the roadside in Lanzhou District Weiyi, a car equipped with lights, sprayed with "transportation administration law enforcement on the white SUV, a silver van crashed, the van driver was injured, lying on the ground. Listen to others to say is Lanzhou transport in check the black car hit the van, his friend also took a few photos. But the network also to "Lanzhou district transportation administration law enforcement violence during the National Day" in the title, Tu Vin Unionmaw spread the matter, causing many users attention. So, is it really the net posts and reflect the situation of the public Mr. Sun? In October 8th, the reporter on this call Lanzhou yunguanchu district. The office of a staff member surnamed Liu said, according to the Lanzhou city and Lanzhou District against black car arrangements, in October 2nd, the Lanzhou municipal transportation departments Lanzhou district transportation management, traffic police and other departments of the Lanzhou new car joint remediation, the joint campaign ended at 2:20 in the afternoon, has dealt with the black car 6. At 4:30 pm, surnamed Li Lanzhou yunguanchu district office staff driving a white car to the nearby Lanzhou district law enforcement, Road gas station to vehicle refueling in the gas station near the reverse driving process, collided with a silver van. The accident caused damage to two vehicles, the driver of the van and Lanzhou yunguanchu district office staff surnamed Lee were injured. After the accident, Lanzhou new district traffic police, 120 and other departments to actively deal with the van driver was taken to hospital for treatment. Subsequently, Lanzhou yunguanchu district leaders also went to the hospital to visit the injured van driver. The District of Lanzhou yunguanchu office staff surnamed Liu also said that it is an ordinary traffic accident, the transfer to the Internet rumors. Currently, the cause of the accident is under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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